Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Is that even Michael Rapaport in the above poster?

Genre - Drama/Fantasy
Year Released - 2006
Running Time - 81 minutes
Directed by Hal Haberman & Jeremy Passmore
Written by Hal Haberman & Jeremy Passmore
Cast Includes:
Michael Rapaport (True Romance, Cop Land, Point of No Return, and The 6th Day)
Jack Kehler (Point Break, The Last Boy Scout, and Big Trouble)
Paul Blackthorne (Dresden from the Sci-Fi series The Dresden Files)
Ian Bohen
Josh Peck (from Nickelodeon's Drake & Josh series, Drillbit Taylor, and The Wackness)
Robert Baker
Christopher Darga (Bruce Almighty)
Alexandra Holden

Rating: 3 Skulls

Plot Summary:
Enrolling in a drug study to spice up his humdrum life as a low-paid meter reader, Les Franken begins taking an experimental anti-depressant, which proves to have a few unexpected side effects.

Convinced that he's actually developing special powers that can be used to fight evil, Les decides to quit his day job and focus on being a superhero. . . despite his doctor's professional opinion that his abilities are all in his mind.

Is the above actually happening?

This is a quirky little flick that I just figured I would mention, in case anyone is interested.

It stars Michael Rapaport [Dick Ritchie from True Romance] as Les, a likeable guy, who for some odd reason decides to join a trial study for an experimental medication for depression [he isn't even really depressed] The medication's name is specioprin hydrochloride and once Les starts taking it he begins to hallucinate things [such as when he is sitting on his couch, eating dinner, he suddenly begins to levitate off of the couch] He also believes that he is telepathic, can move through solid objects, and can teleport. Is this all just in his head?

After Les prevents a convenience store robbery, he decides to use his newfound abilities and become a superhero - he creates a costume and places the medication's logo on the back - he then starts running around trying to prevent crime and the local news dubs him "the mad tackler" [because he tackles people and is apparently crazy]

Eventually, the two brothers that started manufacturing the drug show up to attempt to talk Les into stopping the medication, as he has had a psychotic reaction to it. He refuses to do so and starts believing that there is a conspiracy against him. . .

Like I said, a quirky little film - if you enjoy Michael Rapaport or just bizarre films, then give this one a shot.

Here's the trailer:



wiec? said...

thanks for reminding me about this movie. i remember reading or saw something about it once ages ago. it looked a little silly but kind of interesting at the same time. i'll have to check it out.

thebonebreaker said...


No problem! :-)

Yeah, the film was made in 2006, however it was just released on DVD, on Tuesday. . . I don't know what's up with that!!


Shellhawk said...

Thanks for this... Will put it on my Netflix list!

thebonebreaker said...


You are most welcome!