Saturday, April 11, 2009

Songs for the Gathering

This one is a music review - so, may I present the band's single, Rise, while you read the review :-)

Artist - Solarcade
Genre - Pop Rock
Year Released - 2009
Length - 25 minutes 29 seconds
Label - A & I Records

Song List:
Track 1 - Rise
Track 2 - My Weather of Love
Track 3 - Oceans to Oceans
Track 4 - Artshow
Track 5 - When She Comes [Redux]
Track 6 - A Warning Sign From A Half Moon
Bonus Track - Rise [A Thousand Seas Remix]

Solarcade is South African vocalist Paul Van and Texan guitarist Tony Pomilla.

A while back, the guitarist of the band - Tony, contacted me via e-mail. [He stated that he found my blog through a link found on Zack Snyder's website?!?] Tony mentioned that he liked my blog and enjoyed reading my reviews and then asked if I would be willing to review Solarcade's latest EP.

Even though Pop Rock is not the style of music that I normally prefer to listen to [I'm more Metal/Punk, with a little bit of Country thrown in for good measure] I of course said yes, especially since I love guitar!

Anyhow, Tony & Paul met while playing in other projects and they quickly found a magnetism in their songwriting. They have been the buzz of the underground indie scene since releasing their self produced debut, Aliens and Angels, in 2005. Since then, Solarcade has opened for Puddle of Mud, The Airborne Toxic Event, Louis XIV, The Electric Touch, and The Killers.
Also, their single Rise [top of the post] is going to be featured in the upcoming indie film The Things We Carry.

As for my personal opinion of Songs for the Gathering - if Pop Rock is your thing, then definitely check them out! Even though their music is not really my style, I still really enjoy the album - it is still in my truck, in fact. Their songs are catchy and you find yourself singing along.

Paul's vocals and Tony's guitar work perfectly together! Their music, together is very melodic.
Rise is probably my favorite, though I also really enjoy A Warning Sign From A Half Moon and Oceans to Oceans as they both have some excellent guitar work!
Artshow is a [far too brief] techno style instrumental and I also like the lyrics to When She Comes and My Weather of Love - I guess what I'm trying to say is that I enjoy the entire album! :-)

If you're interested, check out Solarcade's website at


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