Thursday, April 18, 2013

After Midnight

Genre - Horror/Thriller/Anthology
Year Released - 1989
Running Time - 90 minutes
Directed by Jim & Ken Wheat
Written by Jim & Ken Wheat
Cast Includes: Ramy Zada, Jillian McWhirter, Marc McClure, Penelope Sudrow, and Marg Helgenberger

Rating: 5 Skulls

Tagline: "Welcome to Fear 101. There will be a test."

Plot Summary:
A horror anthology about a college professor teaching a course called "The Psychology of Fear".


First, I just have to thank, commenter, "Johnny C" for recommending this movie.
Secondly, I keep asking myself, how did I ever miss this movie?!?
Written & Directed by Jim & Ken Wheat (the brothers who brought us 'Ewoks: Battle for Endor" and who co-wrote 'A Nightmare on Elm Street 4', 'The Fly 2', 'Pitch Black', and 'The Chronicles of Riddick') all movies that I have seen - I have no idea how I missed this one.
Again, "Johnny C", thank you for bringing this film to my attention - I loved it!
In fact, I plan on adding this one to my library of films...

This movie immediately grabs your attention with a strong "wrap-around-story".
As stated in the plot summary, a college Psych professor begins teaching a course on fear, however due to his extreme methods, he is asked to stick to school curriculum. This brings about the professor inviting his students, to his home, where he is not under school authority, thus setting up the "anthology stories".
(I don't know what it was, but for some reason, in my head, I can envision horror author Ray Garton in the professor's role)

Aside from the excellent "wrap-around" story, we are also treated to three additional tales:

The first one is about a couple whose car breaks down, during a midnight excursion. Fortunately for them (or is it?) their car breaks down not too far from an old (presumably abandoned) house... (aside from the "wrap-around", this one is my favorite of the tales)

The second story tells the tale of 4 female friends, out looking for fun, who end up low on gas and getting lost in a warehouse district on the bad side of town...

The third story is about a night-shift answering service worker who is being harassed by a repeat/stalker caller...

Each of the stories are good, in their own right, and tie in nicely with the wrap-around.
The Wheat brothers did an outstanding job directing this film, providing terrific atmosphere!

I definitely recommend this one - my new favorite anthology film!
I can't wait to watch it again, on a dark, stormy night...


Monday, April 15, 2013

Black Feathers [Book Trailer]

A very cool trailer, for a book that I reviewed back on March 1st...
(the book is now available)


Friday, April 5, 2013

Evil Dead [2013]

Do I have your attention?
Good, because this isn't going to be one of my usual reviews - I'll let the above poster speak for itself, and I will also say that I agree that this film, most likely, will be the best horror film that you will see this year! (Yes, it's that good!)
Also, be sure to watch through the credits, as there is a "groovy" clip at the end, that just adds more icing to the cake ;-)

The reason for this post, is to once more bring your attention to the fact that I use Google+ as my social media outlet. There, you will find brief thoughts on other films/books that I watch/read, that I might not otherwise bring to your attention, on this blog.

What were my thoughts on Texas Chainsaw 3D, Sinister, Girls Against Boys, The Last Stand, Bullet to the Head, Jack Reacher, Wreck-It-Ralph?
What about other films, such as , Deadfall, The Tall Man, Abraham Lincoln vs. ZombiesHansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, or the Red Dawn remake?

I will also post on there, the occasional short film that I come across, such as:
The Black Hole, Project S. E. R. A., R'haE. T. A., or Black Metal

You will also learn what mobile games that I'm addicted to, like, Sleepwalker's Journey or Vector...

If any of the above peaks your interest, just circle me on G+
Here's my Profile Link:

With all of that said, I will leave you with the official "Red-Band" trailer for Evil Dead:


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

John Dies at the End

Genre - Horror/Comedy
Year Released - 2012
Running Time - 98 minutes
Directed by Don Coscarelli
Written by Don Coscarelli
Cast Includes: Chase Williamson, Rob Mayes, Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown, and Doug Jones

Rating: 5 Skulls

Plot Summary:
Promising a trip that transcends time and space, a drug called Soy Sauce is sweeping the landscape - and quietly robbing users of their humanity.
Now, it's up to a couple of slackers to stop the psychotropic invasion before it's too late.


                                         Book Cover          

About this exact same time, last year, I started to read the book that this film is based upon. (side note: the book is published by one of my favorite publishing companies - Permuted PressHowever, all I read was the prologue, and it was just too bizarre (yes, extremely rare, I know) even for me!
I put the book aside, knowing that it was being made into a movie, and now that I have watched the film and understand what exactly is going on, I will most likely pull the book back out, dust off its cover, and continue to read it...

This film kicked off last year's Knoxville Horror Film Festival, and I was so looking forward to attending - then, the one time last year that I got sick, was right at that time (and I mean sick as a dog!) Figures, right? I would have loved to have seen this film on the big screen!
However, after having watched it now, I can definitely see this film becoming a cult classic, so maybe one day, in the future, I'll be able to catch it again, on the big screen...

For those who may not be aware of this film (if you're reading this on my blog, I doubt that is likely) it reminds me a lot of Cronenberg's 'Naked Lunch'. So, if you didn't like that film, I doubt that you will like this one.

The film follows David Wong (the author of the book/played by Chase Williamson) telling his story to newsreporter Arnie Blondestone (played by Paul Giamatti). 
We quickly learn about the "sauce" through trippy hallucination sequences (you will know in the very 1st two minutes if you are going to enjoy this film or not!) and about an otherwordly invasion by the demon Korrok...

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then definitely check this film out! I imagine, from just what I read over a year ago, that this film is a pretty accurate adaptation of the book.