Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 2012 "Wrap-Up"

Greetings from Knoxville, Tennessee.
(We just arrived in town and plan on being here, at least, through the end of May)
Unlike Danville, VA, there are plenty of bookstores and movie theaters to choose from here! :-)

On with this month's reviews...

Best Book of the Month:
'A Princess of Mars' - by: Edgar Rice Burroughs

This is the book that the film 'John Carter' is based upon. Originally published in 1912 - yes, 100 years ago! - it is still a fantastic read today! (they had such an eloquent way of writing/speaking back then)
While I have read Burroughs in the past, I never did read "The Barsoom Series" (of which this is the 1st book) and I am currently rectifying that error (I have already purchased the 2nd and 3rd books in the series, of which, if I'm not mistaken, there are 11 books total)

'The Ice Gorilla' - by: Michael Esola & Wesley Jones
(this one is a super-fast read and plays out like a movie in your head)

Other books that I read this month:
'Return to Eden' - by: G. P. Ching
(the 3rd book in the 'Soulkeeper' Series, which I praised last month)
As you can see, this one wasn't good enough to break into the top two this month.
While not as good as the 1st two, it is still a good read.

'Damaged' [aka 'Widow'] - by: Billie Sue Mosimon
This book, literally, has one of the most gripping/intense prologues that I have ever read!
I dare you to read the prologue and then not to continue reading the book!

'I Am Number Four - The Lost Files #2: Nine's Legacy' - by: Pittacus Lore
(yes, I am a fan of the "Legacy" Series!)

Best Movie of the Month:
John Carter

(Apparently, I am the only person on the planet who enjoyed this movie!)
I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I am currently calling this one my favorite film of the year so far!
While the credits were rolling, I was buying the book (see above) that the movie is based upon.
I keep hearing how bad it is, and that it's lost a ton of money. Well, that's a shame, because I for one loved it, and I would love to see more made!


Other movies that I watched this month:
(in the order that I watched them)

The Thing (the 2011 "prequel")
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
Saint Nick [aka 'Saint']
The Skin I Live In
Footloose (the 2011 re-make)
I Am Bruce Lee
Julia's Eyes
Princess of Mars (yes, there was an earlier attempt at making a "John Carter" type-film, based on the book by Burroughs) This one is not recommended!
Merantau (I so cannot wait to see the film 'The Raid: Redemption'! This is the director's 1st film, starring the same star that is in The Raid - this is a great martial arts flick!)
The Adventures of Tin Tin
My Week with Marilyn
My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen: Part 3
In Time
Little Deaths
Leprechaun's Revenge
Martha Marcy Mae Marlene
Tower Heist
Kisses and Caroms
The Hunger Games (while good, I'm not sure what all the hype is with this one. Unlike John Carter, I have no desire to rush out and read the book that this one is based upon. Though I will watch the sequels)
Take Shelter
Wrath of the Titans

and for you iDevice users out there...

My Favorite iPhone App this month:
Pizza vs. Skeletons


And I, of course, have to mention Angry Birds: Space - great game, though I'm disappointed with the "in-app" level purchases.

Also, if you come across 'Samurai vs Zombies: Defense', while a good game, 'Army of Darkness: Defense' is way better!
The same goes for 'Dead on Arrival' - I was hoping for a similar experience as 'Judge Dredd vs. Zombies - stick with Judge Dredd!

Well, that's a wrap for this month. As always, if you have any questions about anything listed above, feel free to leave a comment.

Until next month...