Monday, May 13, 2019

Rough Trade

Rough Trade is the sequel to one of my favorite books that I read last year - The Hard Bounce.

The below synopsis will tell you all that you need to know. I will just say that Rough Trade is already a contender for my favorite book of the year. I enjoyed it even more than The Hard Bounce, which is saying something! This one takes the craziness of Boo & Junior to a whole new level as things continually go from bad to worse! A must read.

Here is the book's synopsis:

When a waitress at The Cellar asks Boo and Junior to scare her roommate Dana’s harassing ex-boyfriend, Byron, Boo’s white knight impulses kick in and they perform the job with gusto, leaving Byron bloodied but very much alive. So when Byron is found dead, they’re shocked. They’re even more shocked when they learn that nothing is what they originally thought, and they’re being held accountable in the man's death. 

With Junior called in for questioning, Boo is determined to clear their names by finding Byron’s true killer. It’s a quest in which Boo will have to face down crooked cops, crazed guard dogs, a rival security crew, the Irish mob and—worst of all—his own ingrained prejudices. 

Action-packed, outrageously funny, and brutally honest, Rough Trade brings back crime fiction’s favorite bouncers and takes them well out of their comfort zone in a novel that’s whip-smart, hilarious, gritty and above all human, proving that Todd Robinson is one of the most important voices in crime fiction.

5/5 Skulls

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Semper Mars [Book One of The Heritage Trilogy]

It's been a while since I've read a really good Sci-Fi novel, so when I saw this one sitting in the "Free Bin" at my local used bookstore, I decided to give it a shot, and I was not disappointed.

If you enjoy military sci-fi, then give this one a go. It has a good story, solid characters, and I will definitely be reading the other books in the trilogy.

3/5 Skulls
(The book started a little slow, for me, but I fully expect the other books to earn a higher rating, now that the foundation has been established.)

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Scribbly Man [Children of D'Hara - Novella #1]

A new Richard & Kahlan story.

For those of you who were sad when Goodkind's Sword of Truth saga ended with Warheart, I have good news! The story of Richard and Kahlan continues, albeit in Novella form.

The Scribbly Man is part one of a new trilogy(?) of novellas. I say trilogy, because Novella #2 Hateful Things (8/08) and Novella #3 Wasteland (11/14) are already available for pre-order. I am not sure why Goodkind is going the novella route, but I am not complaining! Also, I just have to say that Head of Zeus Publishing has done an exceptional job with the format of this book!

Being that the story clocks in at only 149 pages, I do not want to give anything away. Just know that when Richard caused the Star Shift in the last book, he inadvertantly opened a way to travel between worlds. . . and this isn't a good thing!

Here is the synopsis:

From the internationally bestselling author of the Sword of Truth series comes a new Richard and Kahlan novella. 

"They are the monsters under the bed when you are little, the shape just caught out of the corner of your eye when you thought you were alone, the shadow of something in a dark corner that surprises you and then isn't there. They stop you dead with a knot of unexpected terror in the pit of your stomach. We have all seen fleeting glimpses of them. Never long enough to see them as I saw them, but it was them. I recognized it the instant I saw it. We've all seen flashes of them, the dark shadow just out of sight. They could briefly terrify us before but never hurt us because they came from so far distant. They were never able to fully materialize in our world so we saw only transient glimpses of them, the shape of them if the light was just right, if the shadows were deep enough . . . if you were afraid enough. I think that the star shift has brought us closer to their realm so that they now have the power to step into our world and hurt us." —Kahlan Amnell

5/5 Skulls

Friday, April 5, 2019

Night Fall [Book #3 in DeMille's John Corey Series]

As I've stated before, you do not have to read the prior books, but I recommend doing so, not only because they are that good, but because John Corey is such a great character.

Just as The Lion's Game was different from Plum Island, so too is Night Fall different from the first two books. In fact, this book is a fictional story centering around the true story of TWA Flight 800.

DeMille, as always, does a terrific job of sucking you into the mystery, and just wait until you read the jaw-dropping ending!

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Risen

Just a reminder that my book reviews are also on MeWe -

Over Spring Break, the family and I went to St. Augustine, FL. Even though I already had a couple of books chosen for the trip, I decided to drop by Barnes & Noble, one more time, before heading out. I discovered this book in their Bargain Section - only $5 (hardcover)!

While not your typical "beach read", I decided to give this one a shot, as the last couple of books that I've read were on the light side.

I have always loved tales of Spartacus, and I devoured this book. It is superbly written! (This is the first novel that I have read by Durham, and it won't be the last.) The book starts off, right away, with the slaves' uprising, and each chapter/section is written from a different characters point of view. The view point shifts between the slaves and the Romans, with time-shifts in between.
It is almost like a big compilation of short stories that intertwine within themselves to make a complete novel.

Definitely head out to your local Barnes & Noble and check their Bargain Books for this great deal. Also, fair warning, this book will make you want to re-watch the Starz television series Spartacus.

Here is the book's synopsis since it tells you all you need to know:

In this thrilling and panoramic historical novel we see one of the most storied uprisings of classical times from multiple points of view: Spartacus, the visionary captive and gladiator whose toughness and charisma turn a prison break into a multi-cultural revolt that threatens an empire; his consort, the oracular Astera, whose connection to the spirit world and its omens guides the uprising’s progress; Nonus, a Roman soldier working both sides of the conflict in a half-adroit, half-desperate attempt to save his life; Laelia and Hustus, two shepherd children drawn into the ranks of the slave rebellion; Kaleb, the slave secretary to Crassus, the Roman senator and commander saddled with the unenviable task of quashing an insurrection of mere slaves; and other players in a vast spectacle of bloodshed, heroism, and treachery.

In the pages of The Risen—the term the slaves in revolt have adopted for themselves—an entire, teeming world comes into view with great clarity and titanic drama, with nothing less than the future of the ancient world at stake. No one brings more verve, intelligence, and freshness to the novel of the classical age than David Anthony Durham.

4/5 Skulls

Monday, March 11, 2019

Night Shift

A good conclusion to the Midnight, Texas trilogy.

As a fan of the television series, I was expecting that the 2nd season was based off of this final book (since the 2nd book was completely different than the show). However, this is not the case. Once again, the book is completely different. I do have to say that the writers of the 2nd season came up with a good story, on their own, utilizing these great characters. I will reiterate though, as enjoyable as the books are (I will say that the 2nd book is my favorite of the three), I still feel that the show is better, which is rare.

Either way, you can't go wrong. Both the books and the show are entertaining in their own right, and I wouldn't mind more of either.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Day Shift

Book 2 in the Midnight, Texas trilogy.

This book is completely different than the second season of the television show, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. While I very much enjoyed Season 2, the book had much more mystery surrounding it. (The only thing the same with the show vs the book is the building of the Midnight Hotel - nothing else, which makes me wonder if perhaps Season 2 was actually based on Book 3? Guess I will have to find out.)

This book is much more character driven than the first book, expanding on what was laid out in the first book, and as I already mentioned, there is a good mystery within the story. Also, there are two different tie-ins with the Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) series, which I loved!

Looking forward to Book 3!