Saturday, April 25, 2009


Genre - Action/Drama
Year Released - 2009
Running Time - 105 minutes
Rated PG-13 for fight sequences and brief strong language
Directed by Dito Montiel
Written by Dito Montiel and Robert Munic
Cast Includes:
Channing Tatum (Coach Carter - he is also going to be in the upcoming G. I. Joe film and Public Enemies)
Terrence Howard (Hustle and Flow, Crash, The Brave One, and Iron Man)
Zulay Henao
Brian J White (Brick, The Game Plan, and 12 Rounds - which I haven't seen yet)
I just also have to mention that MMA Fighter Cung Le also made an appearance in this film

Rating: 3 Skulls

Plot Summary:
When Sean MacArthur, an unmotivated young man who hustles counterfeit merchandise in New York City, meets seasoned street-fighting coach Harvey Boarden by chance, his whole life changes.

Sean's fights are dangerous, but he sets out to win the prize money at stake and the respect of those around him.

This was an "okay" movie - nothing that needs to be seen in the theatre. The only reason that I gave it 3 Skulls, instead of 2, is because that I think it is better than last year's fighting drama, RedBelt [which I rated 2 stars on Netflix]

The movie is more drama than it is action [not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just that the fights were nothing spectacular] The best fight is the one with Cung Le - he has it made as a martial arts movie star - I hope that he decides to do more films! [He reminds me of a young Bolo Yeung, whose most famous film is probably Van Damme's Bloodsport]

As for the drama - it was written well - good characters, etc. [I really enjoyed Zulay's grandmother, played by Altagracia Guzman - she was hysterical, and Terrence Howard, of course, was great. As for Channing Tatum - I liked his character, though I didn't buy him for the fighter that he was supposed to be...

I would have to say that New York City is probably the greatest aspect of the film - it was vividly and very realistically displayed.

With all of that said, just wait and catch this one when it hits television.

Here's the trailer:

Speaking of trailers, I saw some great ones before Fighting - such as Armored, Funny People, Drag Me to Hell, and Inglourious Basterds - all of which look fantastic!


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