Thursday, April 9, 2009

Double Feature: Tell No One & Timecrimes

Once again, I have two more foreign films to bring to your attention. . . :-)

Foreign Film from France - French Title: Ne le dis a personne
Language - French with English Subtitles or English [Dubbed]
Genre - Foreign/Mystery/Thriller
Year Released - 2006
Running Time - 125 minutes
Directed by Guillaume Canet
Written by Guillaume Canet & Philippe Lefebvre
*Based on the novel written by Harlan Coben
Cast Includes:
Francois Cluzet
Marie-Josee Croze (Munich)
Marina Hands
Kristin Scott Thomas (The English Patient & The Horse Whisperer)
Nathalie Baye
Gilles Lellouche

Rating: 4 Skulls

Plot Summary:
Eight years ago, pediatrician Alexandre Beck was the prime suspect in his wife's murder. He's put all of that behind him, but now two dead bodies have been found near his home - and once again, he's the suspect.
The case takes an unexpected turn when he receives an anonymous e-mail showing his wife alive - and eight years older - instructing him to "tell no one".

This film was produced by Luc Besson - nothing against Guillaume Canet, but I can't help but wonder how different this film would have been had Besson himself directed it [or perhaps even Pierre Morel - who directed District B13 & Taken] I have a feeling that this film would have had an even faster pace to it. With that said though, Canet still made a taut film! [in fact, he directed an outstanding chase sequence within this film]

At the beginning of the film, we meet happily married couple Alexandre & Margot, enjoying their cabin in the woods. While out on the lake, they have a disagreement and Margot leaves to go let their dog out. While out of sight, Alexandre suddenly hears Margot scream. While climbing up the dock to investigate, Alexandre is knocked unconscious and falls back into the water. . .

At first, you are hoping that Margot was only abducted - that is until her body is identified. Still, a mystery remains - who pulled Alexandre out of the water and made the anonymous 911 call?

Jump to 8 years later, where the police have just discovered 2 male bodies that were killed about 5 years prior, in the same location as Alexandre's wife. Add to that, the fact that Alexandre is receiving e-mails that can only be opened at certain times - warning him that "they're watching" and to "tell no one". . .

For those of you who have read the novel, the film has a different ending than the book [an ending which Coben himself claims is better than his - interesting]

Here is the trailer for Tell No One:

Also, for anyone who has Netflix, this film is currently available to watch Instantly.

Now, on to the Science Fiction Thriller Timecrimes:

Foreign Film from Spain - Spanish Title: Los Cronocrimenes
Language - Spanish with English Subtitles or English [Dubbed]
Genre - Foreign/Sci-Fi/Thriller
Year Released - 2007
Running Time - 89 minutes
Directed by the Oscar Nominated Short Film Director Nacho Vigalondo (7:35 AM)
Written by Nacho Vigalondo (who also wrote 7:35 AM)
Cast Includes:
Karra Elejalde (The Nameless)
Candela Fernandez, Barbara Goenaga, and Nacho Vigalondo

Rating: 5 Skulls

Plot Summary:
After accidentally traveling to the past, Hector meets himself and triggers a series of mysterious events that lead to a shocking crime.

While out in his yard, Hector sees a strange girl in the woods, who takes her shirt off, while he is looking at her. After his wife leaves the area, Hector goes to investigate - he comes across the girl's nude body, lying in the woods, when he is suddenly attacked by a man wearing a bandage around his head. [completely off subject here, but this character makes me want to watch Darkman again]

Running from the man with a bandage around his head, Hector jumps a fence onto private property and breaks into an abandoned building/laboratory where he finds a walkie-talkie and starts communicating with someone else on the property [played by the director, Nacho Vigalondo]

This is one of those films where the less you know the better, so I am not going to tell you anything else. Just know that the story will take several twists & turns, however it will form a complete circle. It also explains the time-traveling aspect very well - trust me, you will be riveted to the screen on this one!

Here's the trailer for Timecrimes:

I also wanted to mention Nacho Vigalondo's short film 7:35 AM [7:35 De La Manana] which is also included on the DVD - it is only 6 minutes and 20 seconds long, and it is worth checking out - a pretty humorous/bizarre little film!

Here are some more posters of Timecrimes for you to enjoy:



The Igloo Keeper... said...

I love 'Tell No One' to bits. Bruno is my hero.

thebonebreaker said...

Glad to hear it IK! :-)
Bruno was Awesome!!


Wings said...

My wife is a big Harlan Coben fan, so she may be intrigued by Tell No One.

Both look interesting. I swear you work for Netflix. You might as well stop denying it.


Johnny 666 said...

Been hearing awesome things on timecrimes, am gumming to see it! Will also check out Tell No One.

thebonebreaker said...


hahahahaha [I wish!] :-)
I am sure that your wife will enjoy Tell No One [especially since she's a fan of Coben]
My wife enjoyed it. . .


Definitely check out Timecrimes!


wiec? said...

i heard a lot of awesome things about this one. have to check it out. time travel movies rule. so does Darkman.

thebonebreaker said...

I agree wiec! :-)


Wings said...

Jason - Hope your travels are going well! I watched TIMECRIMES last night. Great movie! Thanks for the heads up. You can read my review here, on my blog.

Take care!

thebonebreaker said...

Wings - Glad to hear that you enjoyed Timecrimes!
I will check out your review, when I get the chance...