Monday, May 21, 2012

May 2012 "Wrap-Up"

Best Book of the Month:
'Pavlov's Dogs' - by: D. L. Snell & Thom Brannan
(Zombies, Werewolves, and Armageddon - what more needs to be said?)

'Throttle' - by: Joe Hill & Stephen King
(a short story written by father & son - inspired by Richard Matheson's 'Duel' - I was completely unaware that this story even existed! I came across it, by chance, browsing on my Nook...
I love 'Duel' - both the original story and the movie! - and 'Throttle' does both justice!)

Other books that I read this month:
'Deadlocked' - by: Charlaine Harris
(this is the 12th book in the "Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood" series)

'Tribesmen' - by: Adam Cesare
(this is one of the books published by e-book publisher Ravenous Shadows - of whom the editor-in-chief is none other than John Skipp - of splatterpunk horror fame!
You can read this book, easily, in a few short hours.
I will definitely be checking out more books published by Ravenous Shadows...)

'Not a Fan' - by: Kyle Idleman
(this is a book about becoming a completely committed follower of Jesus - not just a fan!)
I know it doesn't seem to belong in the list above, but anyone who really knows me, knows that I am a Christian - albeit one who struggles with his love of horror...

Best Movie of the Month:
no shocker here - The Avengers
(no better way to see it, than in IMAX 3-D!)

I'm not even going to try to give a 2nd place this month - everything paled in comparison to The Avengers...

Other movies that I watched this month:
Prophecy (all 5 movies - I came across all 5 movies, on 2 discs, in a $5 bin... I saw the 1st one, when it came out, and really enjoyed it - the 2nd one, not so much - so I never bothered with the other 3, until now. Having watched them all, I really only like the 1st & 3rd one - I can do without the others)
We Bought a Zoo
Sand Sharks
Nude Nuns with Big Guns
Let the Bullets Fly
Wristcutters: A Love Story
Hessians MC
One for the Money
The Devil Inside
The Witches of Oz
The Woman in Black

Best iPhone App of the Month:
(You may have noticed that both my reading list and movies watched seemed a little short this month - that is because of Swordigo... a great little game, in the tradition of Zelda, with aspects of Metroid thrown in for good measure)

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5 - 7

I also have to mention 'The Daily' - an excellent Newsstand app that is well worth the subscription cost!
Covers everything from world news to entertainment and technology, all in short, little, precise snippets - just how I like my news!

Until next month,


P.S. You can always look me up on Google+, if you don't want to wait until the end of the month. 
I sometimes post things a little early, as I read or watch them, on there...