Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Name Is Bruce

Genre - Comedy/Horror
Year Released - 2009 [on DVD]
Running Time - 84 minutes
Directed by Bruce Campbell (who also directed Man with the Screaming Brain, as well as several episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys & Xena: Warrior Princess)
Written by Mark Verheiden (who also wrote The Mask, Timecop, and several episodes of Smallville & Battlestar Galactica!)
Cast Includes:
Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead films, Darkman, the Spiderman films, Bubba Ho-tep, and Man with the Screaming Brain - he also played Brisco County Jr. in The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. and was in several episodes of Hercules & Xena - currently, he plays Sam - Michael's "side-kick" in one of my current favorite shows on television - Burn Notice)
Taylor Sharpe
Grace Thorsen
James Peck
Ted Raimi [Brother of Sam Raimi] (he who had the most memorable death scene in last year's The Midnight Meat Train - he also was in The Evil Dead films, Darkman, and the Spiderman films, as well as being in several episodes of Hercules & Xena - most recently, he played a map maker in the Legend of the Seeker series)

Rating: 4 Skulls

Plot Summary:
Mistaken for the character he plays in the Evil Dead films, B-movie icon Bruce Campbell (playing himself) is kidnapped by the citizens of a small mining town who want him to save them from a vengeful demon.

At first, Campbell thinks it's all part of an elaborate prank, but when he realizes the demon is in fact real, he comes face to face with a second terrifying enemy - his own fear.

If you are a fan of Bruce Campbell [as I am] then this is pretty much a must-see film.
When I first heard of this movie [what, 2 years ago?] I thought it was a brilliant concept - Bruce, playing himself - actor of multiple B-movies - in another B-movie - how could it go wrong?
I am happy to say that it didn't go wrong - setting out to be a satirical, tongue-in-cheek B-movie that pokes fun at itself, as well as Bruce, it succeeded wholeheartedly! The film is completely silly, yet there are several laugh out loud moments [such as when Bruce tells his love interest, "if you're lucky, maybe I'll let you play with my boomstick"] ;-) For anyone who knows Bruce's body of work, this should be an enjoyable flick!

The story starts off with a couple of teen friends arguing over the validity of Bruce Campbell, while on their way to meet a couple of chicks in a cemetery - at one point, one friend tells the other, "if you don't like Bruce, then you can get out and walk" :-)
While at the cemetery, one of the teens unwittingly releases Guan-Di, the Chinese god of war and protector of the dead [he also happens to be the patron saint of bean curds - as we are told during musical interludes with two twanging guitarist singers]


Meanwhile, Bruce Campbell is on the set of his latest film - Cave Alien 2. . .

After Guan-Di slaughters all but one of the teenagers, the remaining survivor comes to ask for Bruce's assistance - it is hilarious how he ends up kidnapping Bruce.

Other notable mentions:
Ted Raimi plays Bruce's agent [as well as a Chinese immigrant, and a sign painter]
Ellen Sandweiss plays Bruce's ex-wife, Cheryl [she also played Cheryl in Evil Dead!]

Here's the Trailer:

I apologize for the quick wrap-up. . . Dinner's ready! :-)



T. L. Bugg said...

I'm glad you liked this one. I caught it a while back when a friend got it by nefarious means, and thought it was very enjoyable. I did feel like we were kept wanting since Bruce never has a real HERO moment, bu I do suppose that is the point. The other clunky part to me was the ending. For a film so full of fun the end was full of bleh.

Having met Bruce Campbell about 16 years ago, I can say there is some realism in how the "Bruce Campbell" on screen acts. Now this is based off 10 minutes I spent with the man years ago, and although I am still a big fan, it left quite the impression.

Smirking Revenge said...

I am a Bruce fan. How can you not be? And I would have to agree with the 'if you dont like Bruce you can get out and walk' bit. I put this in my Netflix queue as well though that list keeps getting bigger and bigger. *grin*

I too have met the man at a book signing of 'If Chins Could Kill' and while it was short, we did talk about a few things including why a Jersey girl like me was living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at the time.

Hope dinner was yummy!

Anonymous said...


I've been waiting years for this one to come out; glad you got to see a sneak peek. As you know, I too, am a huge Bruce fan. Can you believe that only now am I reading If Chins Could Kill? I see that a lot of it was included in The Evil Dead Companion.

thebonebreaker said...


Nefarious means ~ Ha! ;-)

I can understand your feelings regarding the ending - it seemed as if even Bruce didn't know how to wrap it up. . . Still, I liked it.

That is very cool that you have met Bruce - even if it was years ago.
[He is definitely on my list of people that I would like to meet one day!]


thebonebreaker said...


I hear you regarding Netflix and dinner was scrumptious! [meatloaf, peas, potatoes...] ;-)

As I told Mr Bugg above ~ very cool that you have had the pleasure of meeting Bruce!
[so, what took you to Sioux Falls anyway?]

As a fan of Bruce, I am sure that you will enjoy this one - let me know, after you have seen it!


thebonebreaker said...


It wasn't a sneak peek ~ it came out on DVD yesterday!
[since I know you personally, I can tell you that it is worth the buy!]

I haven't read either of Bruce's books yet ~ they are on my never ending list of books to read though :-)


Anonymous said...

Yet ANOTHER film that I've been dying to see but still have not had the chance. I'm really fallin' behind, man. This is killin' me! I can't wait to check it out though. Man, I just wanna bask in the Bruce-ness.

thebonebreaker said...


I am in a constant state of 'being behind' in terms of movies that I badly want to see.

I bought both 'His Name Was Jason' and 'Hulk Vs.' [Wolverine/Thor] the day they came out, and I still have yet to watch them. . .

Do you watch Burn Notice at all? I started watching that show - to "bask in Bruce-ness" on a weekly basis - and it's ended up being one of my favorite shows!


Anonymous said...

I can't say I do watch Burn Notice regularly. I made sure to sit down for the first episode because, hey, it's Bruce. But the type of show it is just isn't to my tastes. Every now n' then, when I'm flippin' through the channels, if I catch it on I'll sit n' watch for a while. But if Bruce doesn't saunter onto screen within a few minutes, I kinda get ADD-y and start surfin' again. Like I said, nothing wrong with the show, just not to my tastes.
Let me know how His Name Was Jason is by the way. I'd like to check that out. Reminds me of the Halloween: 30 Years documentary DVD that was released a while back, but I'm much more interested in this one. Myers is great n' all, but I'm more of a Jason kind o' guy, ya know?

thebonebreaker said...

I can understand that William :-)

And I will most likely post a review of His Name Was Jason after I watch it [possibly tomorrow, though I doubt I will be able to watch the 4+ hours of Bonus Features before the new one comes out on Friday]

The Halloween one was great, and like you, I am looking forward to this one even more!

P.S. His Name Was Jason only cost $10.00 and includes a movie ticket for the new movie, so I look at it as only spending $3.00 on the DVD! :-)


Phantom of Pulp said...

Long story, but I met Bruce around '82 in Detroit and got a ride with him from offices of Renaissance Pictures to the sound mix (downtown, I think) of a short film called "The Adventures of Cleveland Smith" (he was Cleveland and wore a great Stetson). There is even a line that goes: "Oh, my Stetson!"

I'm not sure if he was the Bruce then that he is now, but he was a very pleasant guy.

Great review,BB! I enjoyed the film very much myself.

thebonebreaker said...

Very Cool Phantom!

He seems pleasant enough on film - I laughed out loud when he called one of his fans a "mouthbreather" that seemed pure Bruce to me! :-)

Glad you liked the review and enjoyed the film, as I did!


the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

this film started quite well but it fell apart towards the end, in fact the last 20 minutes was murderously embarressing and almost unwatchable.

thebonebreaker said...


While I agree that the end did indeed have some issues, I would not go so far as to say it was unwatchable. . .


the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

Bonebreaker, maybe you`re right, i started watching the film hoping that it was going to be another "EVIL DEAD 2" or "ARMY OF DARKNESS" so thats why i was disapointed, one thing the film did do was it finally verified for me once and for all that i dont like comedy horror or parody, (well at least not ones that are as ineptly and lazily made as "MY NAME IS BRUCE"), i much prefer horror movies that are morbid, solemn, sombre, and depressing from beginning to end, (it also helps if they are murderously problematic, hideously objectionable, and totally unacceptable with regards to their content), all the best horror movies from the last hundred years fall into those catorgories. By the way, i know this hasen`t got anything to do with the film under reveiw but did you see all those pictures of pauline hickey that i told you about on the "pauline hickey fan page", if so do you agree that she is the most incredible gorgeous sexy bird of all time?.

thebonebreaker said...


I did not have your expectations - I simply watched it for the "Bruce Factor" :-)

I agree with you on the aspects of a great horror film [which I was not expecting this one to be - in fact, I personally wouldn't even classify it as a horror film]

As for Pauline Hickey - I did take a gander at her, back when you asked me to - honestly, I don't remember her all that much, so I guess that does not bode well ~ sorry man! [different tastes I suppose]