Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eagle Eye

Genre - Action/Thriller
Year Released - 2008
Running Time - 118 minutes
Directed by D. J. Caruso (who also directed Disturbia)
Written by John Glenn, (who is writing the screenplay for the 2010 re-make of Clash of the Titans - a re-make that I am actually looking forward to! He is also writing the screenplay for the 2010 re-make of The Warriors) Travis Wright, (who is co-writing The Warriors re-make) Hillary Seitz, (who wrote the film Insomnia) and Dan McDermott
Cast Includes:
Shia LaBeouf (Holes, I, Robot, Constantine, Transformers - as well as its upcoming sequel, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)
Michelle Monaghan (Mission Impossible III, The Bourne Supremacy, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Made of Honor)
Billy Bob Thornton (Sling Blade, Armageddon, U-Turn, and A Simple Plan)
Michael Chiklis, Rosario Dawson, and Ethan Embry also co-star, and Julianne Moore provided the voice for the super computer

Rating: 2 Skulls

Plot Summary:
Returning home after the shocking death of his over achieving twin brother, an aimless slacker named Jerry finds himself inexplicably linked to a notorious terrorist cell. Now, with the nation's law enforcement agencies hunting them down, Jerry and single mother Rachel - who's also been framed - must work around the clock to thwart a political assassination and clear their names in the process.

Ahhhhhh - one of those films that could have been much better than it was. . . one of the films where the trailer is just as good as the actual film. . .

After Jerry's twin brother dies in a car accident, Jerry finds $750,000.00 in his bank account - he then arrives home to discover that there are several boxes of weapons, airplane manuals, passports, etc in his apartment. - he then receives a mysterious phone call telling him to get out - that in mere seconds the FBI will be there - mere seconds later, the FBI's terrorism task force apprehends Jerry. . .

I'm not really sure why I am telling you all of this since the trailer "shows" it to you - see for yourself:

While the movie is a decent flick, Disturbia [the same director/actor team-up] is a much better film. As for Eagle Eye, I recommend just waiting for it to show up on television.



sistermoon65 said...

awwww...I liked it a lot. Though I do agree Disturbia was better.
and BTW, found your blog address. I lost EVERYTHING when my computer crashed...

thebonebreaker said...


I did not know that your computer crashed... :-(
Sorry to hear that - I hope all is better now :-)

So, you liked this one - a lot?!?

I was disappointed - I think that it could have been much better [more suspensful] with a different team [director/actors]
Just my opinion. . .


Anonymous said...

Meh. I already saw this film. When it starred Will Smith. You know what I'm talkin' 'bout. And, while I'm far from the world's biggest Will Smith fan (I will never forgive him for I Am Legend... not to mention many of his other great sins which I didn't even bother seeing), I've gotta say... I haaaaate Shia LeBouf. Maybe it's just me, because everyone else seems to like him, but I hate the little turd.
Go back to Even Stevens, Shia. Go back to The Disney Channel. Please.

thebonebreaker said...


hahahaha - I didn't even think about Enemy of the State - too funny!

While Will Smith has made some doozies, I still like him [and I liked I Am Legend, for what it was!]

As for LaBeouf - he doesn't really do anything for me, either way.