Monday, February 2, 2009

Facebook and other happenings. . .

I forgot to mention, last week, that director Phil Messerer, who directed the awesomeness that is Thicker than Water - The Vampire Diaries: Part 1 [see my review!] invited me to join Facebook, so that he could introduce me to his cast & crew, so I did. :-)
I am not sure how often I will be on there, but I have since found several friends on there, who I didn't even know had Facebook.
With that said, if you have Facebook, be sure to look me up:

In other news . . . my wife has extended, once again, meaning that we will be staying in Wisconsin through the end of May. This will put us here, at exactly one year - something that we never planned on, however her job and the hours were just too good to pass up! After May, we will be moving on elsewhere.

Also, we just got an offer on our house, in Florida - wahoo! This means that we can start looking to settle back down, at a place of our choosing. We will most likely continue to travel for a little longer though, paying off our bills and saving what money we can.

Probably the biggest news of all is that our oldest son [who had decided to stay in Florida] is coming to join us, at the end of this week - this is great news as our family will once again be complete! :-)
He is fifteen and is in the 9th grade - he was having a rough time in school, so he & I will be working on that together - I will be using the same school curriculum that I have been using with my 8-year-old daughter, [who is in the 3rd grade] as I have been very impressed with it.

Speaking of my daughter - she has just become a "Brownie" - her 1st Girl Scout's meeting is going to be on Thursday - she is very excited!

So, obviously adding a 9th grader in with the other three is going to up my busyness factor considerably, so be fore-warned - I may not be on here as much as usual. I will still get on here to post my reviews and such, and I will continue to read everyone's blogs, as much as possible - I just may not have the time to comment. . .

Until next time,



iMike said...

Good luck with all of that! My daughter just joined the girl scouts a few months ago

thebonebreaker said...

Thanks Mike! :-)

Is your daughter a Brownie as well?


Dan West said...

You bet your ass I know about that new Seagal flick with the vampires...I've been waiting for that one for a while...I just did a post about that right before I saw your comment

thebonebreaker said...

hahahahaha ~ I'll have to go back and read your post :-)