Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Genre - Horror/Slasher
Year Released - 2008
Running Time - 94 min [about 90 minutes too long, in my opinion]
Directed by Ryan Nicholson (who also directed Live Feed)
Written by Ryan Nicholson (who also wrote Live Feed)
Cast Includes:
Dan Ellis (the best part of the movie - and that's not just because he was in both Monsturd & RetarDEAD)
Alastair Gamble, Candice Lewald, Wade Gibb, Trevor Gemma, Nathan Witte, Mihola Terzic, and Jeremy Beland

Rating: D. O. A.

Plot Summary:
After two adversarial groups of teenagers clash at a bowling alley during its midnight disco party, one of the girls is violently raped. The next night, all of the kids return for a revenge session, but are surprised to encounter a homicidal stranger. Wearing a bowling bag over his head to disguise his identity, the killer begins picking off the teens one at a time, making sure that each experiences a grisly death.

Where do I even begin with this one? First off, I just have to say that I have never seen Nicholson's Live Feed, and after having watched this one, I am not sure that I want to. . .
[I have heard good things about both films, yet I was sorely disappointed in this one!]

Gutterballs starts off with a notice that all of the actors, at the time of filming, were 18+ years old - hmmmmmm [you don't normally see that one in a slasher film]

During a midnight outing at a bowling alley, a group of teenagers begin picking on a cross dresser in another group - things soon turn violent, and the owner(?) of the bowling alley has to break things up. After everyone is leaving, one of the girls realize that she forgot her purse inside - when she returns [alone] to get it, she is graphically gang raped by the 1st group of trouble making teens. [Now, I am not one for rape scenes to begin with - I understand that sometimes they are necessary in order to strengthen the plot, however rape is not something that I enjoy watching, at all!] This rape scene was entirely too much! [it was like 20 minutes long to begin with and culminated in one of the guys sodomizing the girl with a bowling ball pin - and not with the tapered end at the top]
The next night, both groups return for a bowl-off, only to encounter a mysterious [stupid-looking] killer calling himself BBK, who has an assortment of [bowling-related] killing tools.

Here is a teaser trailer for the film: [*Note: Foul Language]

That was what ~ a 40 second clip? How much language was in just that 40 seconds?!?

In this clip alone, you can tell that the characters are annoying as all get out, the acting is terrible, and there is more foul language than normal language! Add to that the fact that this movie wasn't sure whether it wanted to be a slasher flick or a porn flick and over the top gore effects, and you have yourself a vile, sick, twisted, and disgusting movie! [Also, the killer is pretty predictable]

I would not recommend this movie to anyone!

Now, with that out of my system, I honestly do understand where Nicholson was attempting to go [other than strictly shock value] I get it - I really do, however there is such a thing as going to far!



iMike said...


I bet all the chicks were 17. lol

Usually with rape scenes, its what the viewer doesn't see that makes it that much more effective... A 20 minute rape scene though? Wow!
Sounds as bad as the 10 minute rape scene in Irreversible featuring Monica Belluci. It goes as far as witnessing the dude's orgasm. Waaayyyy too much!!!

Johnny said...

Well that scene was absolutely necessary to the plot of Irreversible, in my opinion. It needed to be seen in its graphic entirety.

Thanks for the heads up on this one. I was on the fence as to whether or not I wanted to check it out and now I know to stay away!

Wings said...

Another one to avoid. Thanks, man!

It's like we are travelling down the Horror Movie Highway, and you are ahead of us picking up the roadkill. >:)

thebonebreaker said...


It wasn't just the chicks...
Also, I agree that what you don't see generally works way more effectively. [as for the 20 minutes - that may not be entirely accurate - it sure felt like it though!]

Johnny, I agree that the rape scene in Irreversible was necessary, especially considering the violent outcome of the offender!

Wings, hahahahaha - the "Horror Movie Highway" - I like that!
[unforunately, there is a lot of roadkill on this particular highway] ;-)


Soiled Sinema said...

I've been seeing negative reviews for Gutterballs pop up sporadically since its DAD release.

I wish I hated Gutterballs, honestly. It's loud, childish, inane, and for the most part - retarded. But the characters were so comical and the violence was so over-the-top that Gutterballs is an instant classic. Although many will hate it, Dan Ellis plays a great character and the music, sets, cinematography, and rape scene are all applaudable. Trust me, Watch Live Feed. Notice how awful it is, then revisit Gutterballs. To call it a huge improvement is not enough.


thebonebreaker said...


I will agree with you that Dan Ellis' character is a great one - he was the only redeemable part of the film in my opinion :-)

As for Live Feed - perhaps I will give that one a shot one day - though I highly doubt that I will ever revisit Gutterballs!


Anonymous said...

I am appalled and disgusted that ANYone thinks ANY rape scene is "necessary" for a film's plot!!!

thebonebreaker said...


We are discussing "revenge" type films here - while I in no way support rape, it - in some situations - adds a sense of realism to a film. . .

Irreversible has already been mentioned - another is Last House on the Left - and I can't help but to think of Pulp Fiction ~ Zed's death would have meant less, had we not seen the Horror that Ving Rhames' suffered through...


the jaded viewer said...


I can understand why you hated it. It's vulgar, f***** up and totally pointless.

The characters are like nails on a blackboard.

Thats why it was a joy to see them all die over the top horrific deaths and why *gasp* I ranked it #6 on my top 10 list.

It's a decent homage to all things 80s slashers.

thebonebreaker said...


#6 ~ Top Ten?!? man-oh-man... :-)

I did say that I understood what Nicholson was going for - the homage, etc - I was just disgusted by it all. . .

Though I will admit [other than Ellis being in the film] that the "death by 69" was pretty original ;-)


Anonymous said...

Vile, sick, twisted, and disgusting? That's my bread and butter, friend. Again, I'm gonna have to say that we'll have to agree to disagree. In my opinion, there is NOT such a thing as "going too far." But that's me. Personally, I value "shocksploitation", vulgarity, and controversial material. Gutterballs strikes me as a silly, mean-spirited, confrontational chunkblower o' schlock n' splat and just plain ugliness. Not for everyone, but it is for me. When ya think about it, when a movie is capable of enraging and offending an audience as desensitized and jaded as horror film viewers, well then it definitely deserves its props. That's my opinion, at least.

thebonebreaker said...

William, my friend, I would have bet money that you liked this movie! :-)

This one we will definitely have to agree to disagree on.
Next time, I will wait for your thoughts first - that way, I will know whether or not I should even give it a shot. . .