Monday, January 5, 2009

Of Darkness

Genre - Horror [Short Film]
Year Released - 2006
Running Time - 20 minutes
Directed by Gary E. Irwin
Written by Matt Casale
Cast Includes: Eric Austin, Brendon Boyes, Dominic Fera, Adam Montgomery, Frank Nardi, and Dallas Scott

Rating: 5 Skulls

Plot Summary:
While cleaning out their recently deceased grandfather's belongings, Brian & Jeff Chaisson inadvertently stumble upon an ancient book; one of mysterious and malevolent origin.

Later that same evening, while entertaining friends during a sleepover, Jeff unveils the recent discovery in an effort to impress the group. Seizing the opportunity, the gang uses the book as a scare tactic against their favorite target and youngest member, Charlie.

Succumbing to peer pressure, and the trusted reassurance of his older brother Tank, Charlie opens the book and unwittingly unleashes a malicious entity. An unseen force that has chosen to target the boys... an evil that has chosen the form 'of Darkness'
The Darkness is coming!

If you read my "Bone Breaker Awards" for the year of 2008, then you already know that I awarded this film the extremely well deserved Best Short Film of the Year [the film was actually just released on DVD, last year, even though it was made in 2006]

I do not want to say anything more than is already in the plot summary, other than the fact that this film, with its run-time of only twenty minutes, accomplishes what most [longer and bigger budgeted productions] fail to capture. This film brings about true terror!
[Note: I wouldn't watch this with younger children, in the room, who may be afraid of the dark]

Highly recommended!!

Here's the Trailer:

Thanks to my pal Matt, at Scars, for sending me a review copy!

For further information, the film creators have a MySpace Page at


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