Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chinese Democracy

Artist: Guns N' Roses
Genre: Hard Rock
Year Released - 2008
Length - 71 minutes 28 seconds [14 Tracks]
Label: Geffen

Rating: 4 Skulls

Song List:
1. Chinese Democracy
2. Shackler's Revenge
3. Better
4. Street of Dreams
5. If the World
6. There was a Time
7. Catcher in the Rye
8. Scraped
9. Riad n' the Bedouins
10. Sorry
11. I.R.S.
12. Madagascar
13. This I Love
14. Prostitute

I will admit that when I first listened to this album, I did not like it - at all!
It's hard not to compare every Guns N' Roses album with Appetite for Destruction, which was such a breakthrough album - so when I first placed this CD into my player, I was hesitant and excited, at the same time. . .

The first song, the album's title track, opens with an excellent guitar riff, and then the album went downhill from there [remember, this was my very first impression] until song number 4 - Street of Dreams - until this point, I could hardly even tell that it was Axl singing. [actually, Axl's voice seemed to seep through, every now and then, in the 3rd song - once you get past the awful beginning]
As I continued listening to the album, I just kept shaking my head, sadly disappointed.

I am happy to tell you though, that as you listen to the album more and more, it definitely begins to grow on you - the more you listen to it, and get to know it, the better it gets! [as you can see, by my rating]

My favorite song is still probably Street of Dreams [this one is a ballad] I tell you what though - I would be just as happy if Axl did a solo album of all ballads - just him and a piano!

Street of Dreams is closely followed by [if not tied with] song number 13 - This I Love [another ballad]

Other favorites include song number 6 - There was a Time - vocally, this song rocks! and song number 10 - Sorry - this one stands out, lyrically.
[my least favorite song is probably number 5 - If the World - I don't know, this one's just funky]

Overall, I definitely recommend this album! [once you have listened to it a few times, you will recognize Axl in every song]

According to Axl, this album is the first in a planned trilogy of albums - I am definitely looking forward to the next two!

If you are still hesitant to purchase this album, I recommend reading this link [written by horror author Bryan Smith, who just so happens to be a huge GNR fan! If you're not familiar with Bryan - he too rocks!] :-)



Shelby Jones said...

My favorite song on the album was Better, and it REALLY grew on me, since I *found* it almost a year ago. ;)

Great Stuff though

thebonebreaker said...

Better hasn't grown on me yet - I still dislike the beginning - other than that though, it's an okay song :-)


iMike said...

Good review. When I first heard the album I too hated it. I mean, Other than shake my head and fist, I cursed Axl. Again and again. After the 5th play through I realized I was simply hating. All of the anger that had built up over the past X amount of years because of Axl's BS he kept pulling had vented out. I found myself no longer bitching about it and happy that that album was actually out. I would definitely rank it up there with UYI I&II. This I Love is my favorite song off the album.

thebonebreaker said...

I agree with you Mike ~ this album is definitely on par with UYI I & II!

Glad to hear you worked through your anger issues and are now enjoying the album :-)