Monday, January 26, 2009

Just One Night

Genre - Thriller/Short
Year Released - 2008
Running Time - 22 minutes 50 seconds
Directed by Mike West
Written by Mike West
Cast Includes Juliet Ladines, Steve McMahon, Steve Luckie, and Sarah Butcher

Rating: 4 Skulls

Plot Summary:
What would you give for just one night with a beautiful woman?
Be careful how you answer that, because it might come true.

Two married friends are about to discover what "just one night" and a beautiful woman in a bar will mean for their friendship, marriages, and health.
In a story of deceit, lies, and sexual fantasies, who will come out on top?

Infidelity Kills!

The film starts out with a woman preparing for a night out on the town. . .

When she walks by two businessmen sitting in a bar, one takes notice and tells the other that he would give his left nut to be with a woman like that. To which his friend reminds him that he is a married man. He then replies back that she is an unmarried woman - he can tell because of her make-up, stockings, and vgl [visible garter line]

Meanwhile, the film jumps back to a few hours earlier, with said woman meeting with the wife of the one who is taken by her. We begin to get the feeling that this is some sort of set-up. . .

Now, back to the bar, where we watch Kevin [the one infatuated with the woman] make small talk with the woman [Isabella is her name] Isabella ends up inviting Kevin back to her place, much to the chagrin of Kevin's friend, who adamantly reminds him that he is a married man!

Again, another flashback scene, which gives us a little more information to what we think is about to transpire. . .

Isabella ends up tying Kevin to the bed and ask him how wild he would like it, to which he replies, give me the deluxe treatment. Isabella then whips out a vibrator and begins buzzing it around Kevin's nether-region. Kevin becomes a little agitated and bucks Isabella off the bed. . . It is at this point that things spiral out of control and writer/director Mike West throws some unexpected twists into the story.

I really liked the story and the twists at the end - I didn't see them coming and I was surprised. The film was well written, acted, and directed. 23 minutes well spent!

Here's the Trailer:

Also, be sure to visit the film's website at to check on other projects that Mike West is working on. And, of course, a special thank you to Mike for sending me a screener of his film - thank you Mike!



iMike said...

I don't even think I wanna know what happens to him.. All I can think of is "give my left nut"

I'm assuming she takes it? haha
I want to see this now!

thebonebreaker said...

Ah yes, that little one liner ~ that may have been a little misleading on my part ~ that isn't what happens. . . :-)


Mike West said...

LOL.... I so should have played off of that line! DAMMIT!

Next time... for part 2, or if i get the chance to do this as a feature and up the anty....

Thanks again for the review :)

Mike West

thebonebreaker said...


My vote is for a feature with an upped anty! :-)

Watching and reviewing your film was a pleasure - no thanks needed!


Mike West said...

Well I'm working on a web series now that will take the rest of the year, but perhaps after that I will revisit this idea... I do really like the idea and there was so much more that was cut from this as I thought 40 mins was too long for a short, so it may not take too much more to make it a feature length.

Who knows :)

you can see the teaser for the new web series here:


thebonebreaker said...

Yes, Body Trade - that looks like a very intriguing series Mike!

Body Parts on the black market... [I love the poster you have for that as well - very cool!]