Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wicked Lake

Genre - Horror
Year Released - 2008
Running Time - 95 minutes
Directed by Zach Passero
Written by Adam Rockoff (who also wrote Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film) and Chris Sivertson (who also wrote the screenplay for and directed Jack Ketchum's The Lost)
*Note: Ministry's Al Jourgenson provided the score for the film
Cast Includes:
Robin Sydney (who was also in The Lost, as well as the Masters of Horror: Right to Die episode, and also a few Drake & Josh episodes, on Nickelodeon)
Eve Mauro
Eryn Joslyn
Carlee Baker
Marc Senter (who played Ray in The Lost - he is also going to be in the upcoming Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever)
*Also look for appearances from Angela Bettis (May) and Mike McKee (Lucky McKee's Father - he was also in Angela Bettis' Roman) Al Jourgenson also played the Art Professor

Rating: 3 Skulls

Plot Summary:
Four beautiful coeds retreat to a mountain lake for some weekend R & R, but their vacation is shattered when four creepy admirers show up at their cabin.
But when the clock strikes midnight, a mysterious power is unleashed that surprises everyone.
Now it's up to the uninvited guests to fight for their survival from the bloodthirsty beauties.

If you have already heard of this film, then I am sure that you have heard of the four lead female roles, and their abundant nudity. . .

The Four Leading Ladies

I myself am partial to Eve Mauro (2nd one, from the left)

While I did not mind these nubile young women parading around naked for the majority of the film, I still would have liked a little more back-ground on their characters. [When the clock strikes midnight, you really have no idea what is going on - are these girls witches? They seem to get their powers, not only from bizarre rituals, but from the moon as well - is there some sort of lycanthropic blood running through their veins? They never shift, however they feed on blood as well - are they some sort of vampires? What in the world?!?] A little mystery is fine, however I was totally clueless.

There were a few plot holes as well. [Did the director expect all of the naked female flesh to distract us from these obvious holes?!?] For instance, when the four ladies are at their cabin, in the woods, (which by the way, is a 4-room cabin - one bedroom - for the 4 ladies to share - a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room) and the four fellows show up - how did they find them? How in the world did they even know where to go?

Also, one of my biggest pet peeves - character stupidity! There is a scene where someone receives a fire poker through the chest, pinning them to the door (it goes through the person and out the other side of the door) This is actually okay with me - I guess it was supposed to be some sort of comic relief (you'll see why) My problem is the fact that a couple other "visitors" decide to drop by the cabin - they walk right up to the door and knock. . . What?!? The bloody fire poker, sticking out of the door, dripping blood, doesn't clue you in that something - not good - is up? To make it even worse, two detectives do the exact same thing! [They don't call for back-up, as that is for TV-Cops only, who are a bunch of wussies anyway]

The thing that really saved this film (aside from all of the nakedness) was the F/X work - there is some great blood, guts, and brain effects!

Now that it is all said and done, I would have wished for more fleshed out characters and a deeper understanding of what was going on with the ladies. Still, I have to say that the film is definitely visually aesthetic, and for that I cannot fault it anymore.

[I am not including a trailer, as the only one that I could find was the "red-band" one, which gave way too much away!]



Rev. Phantom said...

I thought this movie was just dumb fun, w/an emphasis on dumb. Everything you said was right, but I still got a kick out of it.

thebonebreaker said...

Yeah, the movie definitely had its moments [the whole sucking the brain through a straw scene, etc] :-)