Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TUF - Season 8 - Episode #9 Re-Cap

Just a quick update on this season of The Ultimate Fighter: . .

If you remember, back at the very beginning of the season, I picked Krzysztof Soszynski as my choice to win the upcoming Light Heavyweight UFC Contract.
Well, tonight we finally got to see Krzysztof fight again!

After sustaining a thumb injury [broken/fractured - I'm still not sure what's going on with his thumb] a few weeks back, Krzysztof was finally matched up to fight Kyle Kingsbury, from Team Nogueira.
[Kyle initially lost his fight to even get on this season, but was brought back in, due to another fighter's injury. Not that it matters, and nothing against Kyle, he just didn't stand a chance anyway]

Krzysztof ended up winning the fight - in the 1st round - actually due to performing an arm bar, rather than a knock out, which surprised everyone. Krzysztof just got up from the mat, with a smile on his face, and stated, "I've got jui-jitsu too!" :-)
It wasn't the most impressive victory, though it puts Krzysztof in the semi-finals and one-step closer to victory!

Krzysztof was born and raised in Poland, under a Communist regime. He then left, with his parents, at the age of ten, and moved to Canada. His dream has been to get into the UFC, and he joked that a Canadian dream is as close as you can get to an American dream! :-)

Go Krzysztof!

If you have been following this season, then you are all too familiar with the practical jokes that go on each week. This week, while Krzysztof was out of the house, the Red Team [Team Nogueira] stuffed Krzysztof's mattress into his closet, and then they stuffed the closet full of toilet paper. They then brought in practically every piece of moveable items (furniture, equipment, water, liquor, etc.) and placed them into Krzysztof's room, dubbing it the "UFC Storage Room" - Pretty Funny!

In retaliation, Krzysztof woke up at 2:00am, and took the dining table outside and placed it on the basketball court. He then removed every single dish and every piece of utensils, and placed them around the court as well. . . Strange yet Silly! :-)

The absolute funniest part of tonight's show was when David Kaplan [who lost last week's Lightweight fight] decided to get hammered [by taking shots of vodka and then drinking beer afterwards] Lightheavyweight Tom Lawlor decided to join David. After a while, David started mouthing off that he may have lost, but he didn't get knocked out. In fact, he's never been knocked out, and he thinks that it's impossible for him to be knocked out. He is so confident that he coerces Tom to throw his biggest punch against him. [Remember, Lawlor is a Lightheavyweight and Kaplan is a Lightweight] So, Tom throws a huge right hand, right across David's jaw and BAM! Kaplan is out like a light! It was hilarious - I must have laughed, out loud, for a full minute! Afterwards, after Tom slaps David's face for a few seconds, to revive him, David states that yeah, he was knocked down and his jaw hurts, but he wasn't knocked out. . . HA! That dude was knocked out Cold! Hysterical :-)

Tonight's episode also included this season's "Coach Challenge" Before the coaches face off together in the Octagon, they 1st have a goofy challenge [in the past, it's been anywhere from Ping Pong Ball to Bowling] Tonight it was Soccer. Nogueira claimed that he's never played soccer before (yet he's from Brazil) Then Dana White [President of the UFC] piped in that he's from America, and he's never played Baseball - Good Point! So, Dana sets the rules - a point where one coach stands to kick the ball into the goal, while the other coach defends. Frank Mir was absolutely awful - when he was kicking the ball, he would kick it directly to Nogueira! When he was defending, he wouldn't move more than a foot! [Dana even commented that 'Frank's not going to mess up his hair to win this competition' C'mon! Needless to say, Nogueira won, winning himself $10,000 dollars and each member of his team $1,000 dollars. . .

Well, that wraps up tonight's show - I'll post again, after Krzysztof fights in the Semi-Finals! :-)


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