Sunday, November 16, 2008

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

Foreign Film from China - Chinese Title: Lik Wong
Language - Cantonese
Dubbed in English
Genre - Martial Arts
Year Released - 1991
Running Time - 90 minutes
Directed by Ngai Kai Lam
Written by Ngai Kai Lam
*Based on the Japanese Manga "Riki-oh" written by Tetsuya Saruwatari
Cast Includes:
Siu-Wong Fan (Super Cop 2, Shadow Mask, and Flying Tiger, Leaping Dragon)
Ka-Kui Ho (Once Upon a Time in China 2)
Mei Sheng Fan (Death Duel, The Magnificent Butcher, The Young Master, and Project A 2)
Rating: 5 Skulls
Plot Summary:
When his drug-addicted girlfriend commits suicide, Riki-Oh offs her dealer and finds himself locked up in a prison where the accused have no rights and very little hope.
The other inmates torture Riki-Oh with a stunning variety of implements (which include pretty much anything at hand) but he fights back as if his life depended on it. . . which it does!
An extremely over-the-top Martial Arts Gore-fest! One of those movies that it is so bad, it rocks!!!
I have known about this movie for a few years now, and I finally got around to watching it ~ too bad that I waited. This movie is Fantastic! [in a super-cheesy way, of course!] If you have never seen it, then I recommend that you do so, as it is definitely a fun movie!

Just an example of the cheesy goodness! :-)

In this scene, Riki-Oh was tying off a vein, in mid-fight!

Just a cool X-Ray image shot, before Riki-Oh fractured a skull

Riki-Oh. . . a ripped martial artist who has had super-human strength (the strength of twenty men!) since he was around seven or eight. A dude so tough, that when he was shot, he kept the five bullets in his chest.

Riki-Oh. . . he who trained, in Kung-Fu, in a fog enshrouded cemetery, and then went to music school, just to learn the flute - Ha!

Riki-Oh. . . A must-see to believe movie!

Here's the Trailer:



Rev. Phantom said...

Duuuuude, I love this movie! So damn cheesy, but in all the right ways.

thebonebreaker said...

How did I know that you already would have seen it and loved it?!?

I was actually going to send you a note via Netflix,and forgot. . .

Have you written a review on it?
[I'll be going by your page, tomorrow, anyhow - so I'll check then]


ECHOMAMA said...

Oh Pah-leeze!!!!!!! This movie was so over the top, it was just silly!! Oh, and the scene where he was tying off the vein in hs arm with his teeth....that was my "SERIOUSLY!?!?!" moment. The things you subject me to...honestly.

thebonebreaker said...

hahahahahaha ~ too funny babe!

You can't say that I didn't warn you beforehand though! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Dude! If I had known you'd never seen Riki-Oh before, I'd have given you a copy (Best Buy had it for $5). Do you recognize the head crushing scene from The Daily Show?

Jay - did you see that the new Guitar Hero game allows you to play the whole album of Death Magnetic as a download? Also, this comes out sometime in 2009:

Speaking of games, I haven't been posting much, as I was chosen to Beta Test an upcoming MMORPG the Alpha Stage. I can't even say what it is called, due to a rigid NDA.

Oh, the wife and kids are scheduled to be here Dec 1st. It's been months since I'd seen them!



(had to post anonymous, as Livejournal is down today, and it will not recognize my ID)

thebonebreaker said...


$5.00 ~ Sweet!! Well worth that!
(I'll have to keep my eye out for it)

About the head crushing scene - no, I don't watch The Daily Show...

About Guitar Hero: Metallica & Death Magnetic - yes, I was aware of both ~ Awesome stuff!!

That is very cool that you are Beta Testing a new game, and even Cooler that the family finally gets to join you - Just in time for Christmas - couldn't ask for anything more! ;-)

when is evil cool? said...

i knew i saw that head smash part from somewhere. it was the daily show and if i remember right in between the videos on mtv's headbanger's ball. not 100% sure about that though.

i am sure i'm going to best buy and grabbing this.

thanks for the head's up.

thebonebreaker said...


Thank my friend Bill ;-)


the jaded viewer said...

I have this on DVD and it never gets old. All the enemies are hilarious

thebonebreaker said...

I will definitely be buying this one! :-)


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. A TRUE clasSick. All due respect to Bruce Lee & Sonny Chiba, I can't recall any time either of those guys made somebody's head explode.

thebonebreaker said...

I hear that! :-)