Thursday, January 11, 2018

Harvest [Book Review]

First Book Review of 2018
Did I pick a winner? Read on to find out.

Genre - Sci-Fi/Horror
Year Published - 2018
Published by Post Mortem Press
Length - 322 (digital) pages
Written by John Leahy

Tagline: "Sometimes being one step ahead is going one step to far."

Plot Summary:
Nick Prentice is a young vice-president at oil company HHI - Hickson Hydrocarbon International. With the company in financial trouble, Nick feels that he may get fired in an upcoming round of cost-cutting. After a chance meeting with Adam Styles, an old high-school football team-mate, Nick thinks he just may have found the answer to all his problems - and the key to untold riches. Adam and his friends have made an incredible scientific discovery that will change Nick's life irrevocably, and the lives of everyone on earth...

I started off 2013 by reading Leahy's CROGIAN (a sci-fi thriller about giant, mutated bugs). I thoroughly enjoyed that one, so I decided to start this year off with Leahy's Harvest. Now, to be completely honest, if I were not already familiar with Leahy, I am not sure that I would have ever chosen this book based on its description. The description does not do this book justice!

The book begins with a fascinating prologue, (roughly 30 pgs) that starts in 1910 and leads up till today, and then the book really kicks into gear!

At this point, I feel that I need to give you just a little more information than the summary above - it  contains a slight spoiler, but is perhaps necessary in this case. (just skip the next paragraph, if you want to be surprised)

After an incredible scientific breakthrough, a "carbon-planet" has been discovered. Upon this planet, the seas and rivers are comprised of crude oil. Imagine what this means to the oil industry on Earth. . . untold riches!, but at what cost?

end slight spoiler

Leahy has written a totally engrossing story - one filled with treachery, blackmail, and murder. He has harnessed the power of greed and its cataclysmic consequences.

Rating: 5/5 Skulls

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