Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Hero's Birth (Book III of 'The Empire's Foundation' Trilogy) [Book Review]

Genre - Fantasy
Year Published - 2018
Length - 505 (digital) pages
Written by +Ryan Toxopeus

Plot Summary:
After more than four months abroad, Eliza, Thomas, and Sarentha return home in the face of dire warnings and sweeping changes in the empire. They go their separate ways to reflect on their lives and look for ways to move forward. New allies and enemies emerge, and grave challenges face the up-and-coming heroes. They will need to come together, combining their wits and strengths, to overcome ancient foes. In the balance is the world of Illuma: will it enter an age of light, or will it plunge into everlasting darkness, ruled by demons and the undead?

Before I get started, if you have not already read A Noble's Quest and A Wizard's Gambit, you need to read those first. In fact, there are a few short stories written between the novels that you need to read as well. Here is the author's recommended reading order:

A Noble's Quest (Book 1)
1100 BGW (a Short Story)
Demon Invasion (a Novella)
A Wizard's Gambit (Book 2)
Dawn: A Dwarven Creation Story (a Short Story Collection)
A Hero's Birth (Book 3)

So, if you have not already been introduced to Toxopeus' world of Illuma, then the above is your gateway. Have fun!

Now, for those of you who have been anticipating the release of this final book in the trilogy. . . man-oh-man, what a doozy!

What I loved the most about this book is that our three heroes start off on three separate quests/journeys, making their ultimate reunion that much sweeter. You will see Thomas begin to fulfill his destiny, Sarentha's becoming a dragon hunter, and Eliza's growth as a leader. And the ending... Whoa! Man, it is difficult to write this review without giving anything away. I better just say this:

Toxopeus has certainly grown as an author. If you like your fantasy filled with intrigue, suspense, and mystery, then this book is for you!

Rating: 5/5 Skulls

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