Friday, January 26, 2018

Kept [Book Review]

Author Theresa Jacobs writes predominantly in the horror genre, so my interest was peaked when I saw that she wrote a science fiction novel.
What did I think? Read on. . .

Genre - Sci-Fi
Year Published - 2018
Length - 176 (digital) pages
Written by +Theresa Jacobs

Plot Summary:
Twelve massive ships leave the dying earth, heading into the great unknown, seeking new life among the stars.
One of the ships, GIA, crashes on Kepler, which is already inhabited. Now at the mercy of the alien race, the humans are held in an underground cavern. 
Would they still have gone knowing that they would be stripped of all humanity?
Under the constant eye of the aliens, a few men discover there may be a way out of the cavern. 
But to where? 
How will they escape and what will they encounter if they succeed?

Jacobs does a good job placing you within the story. She has also come up with some unique "sci-fi" aspects, and there is a touch of mystery involved that keeps you turning the pages, wanting to discover what is happening behind the scenes.

Rating: 3/5 Skulls

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