Saturday, October 18, 2008

UFC 89 Re-Cap

Tonight, I took the family to a Fireflight concert, about 45 minutes south of where we are staying.
Fireflight is a band from the Orlando, Florida area, who in the last few years have started to grow in popularity. Their hit song, Unbreakable, from their second album has been used in NBC's Bionic Woman as well as this year's Olympics. . . I have been following Fireflight for a few year's now, and enjoy their music.
In fact, my oldest daughter's second concert was a Fireflight concert, about two years ago. (her first was Superchick)
My wife, nor my youngest son, or my youngest daughter had seen Fireflight in concert, so when I found out that they would be playing, here in Wisconsin, how could I not go? - even when it conflicted with a UFC event! :-)
I am happy to say that my family had a blast, especially the children, who were rocking out! (you should have seen my 4-year old headbangin' like a pro! :-)

After the concert, we made it home, just in time to see the last round of the 2nd fight (between Chris Lytle & Paul Taylor) Chris Lytle won to a unanimous decision, however I only saw the last 3 minutes of the fight. . .

The next fight was between Light Heavyweights Sokoudjou (the African Assassin) & Luiz Cane.
I was hoping Sokoudjou would win the fight, but alas, Cane won via TKO.

Next up was Light Heavyweights Brandon "the truth" Vera & Keith "the dean of mean" Jardine.
Now, I like both of these guys, and it didn't really matter to me who won, though I was pulling for Jardine [I still have to chose a victor!] :-)
I chose right on this one, as Jardine took the win by Split decision.

The main event of the evening - Michael Bisbing vs Chris Leben.
I never had a problem with Bisbing, until he fought Matt Hamill, and took the win by decision, and then gloated about that victory - when, in my eyes, he clearly lost that fight, and Bisbing knew it!
So tonight, I was looking for Leben to take Bisbing out - better yet, in Bisbing's native land (the UK)
Alas, another disappointment. Bisbing won the fight by unanimous decision (and I agree with the judges) Bisbing's reach was just too much for Leben, I guess. Every time Leben went in, Bisbing nailed him with jabs, left and right. . .

I am going to miss next week's UFC 90 Pay-Per-View event between Anderson Silva & Patrick Cote, though I would bet money that Silva will win. [I would bet even more that Silva will win in the 1st round] :-)
I will be attending the 24-Hour Horror Movie Marathon (see my post, dated on the 5th) Funny thing about that is, the fight will be right down the road from where I will be! (they are both in Chicago)

I'm sure I'll be back on here, on November 5th, blogging about the WEC fight between Faber & Brown though, so stay tuned.



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