Sunday, October 5, 2008

24-Hour Horror Movie Marathon with Clive Barker, Lucky McKee, and more!

This year I am going to miss ScreamFest - Florida's Annual Horror Convention.
This will be their 6th year, and the 1st one that I've missed.
This is something that I've looked forward to every year. Even last year, when we started traveling, I flew back to Florida, from Arizona.
This year, I've pretty much prepared myself, all-along, that I would not be attending. I have known for quite some time that I was going to miss out on meeting George Romero, Malcolm McDowell, Jason Mewes, and Elvira, as well as many others. . . :-(

That's okay though, especially now that I've just found out that there is a theatre, in downtown Chicago, (about 3 hours away from where we are currently located) who will be hosting a 24-Hour Horror Movie Marathon, on October 25th, starting at Noon!

13 Films, among which will be Clive Barker's The Midnight Meat Train ~ wait, it gets better!
Clive Barker himself will be there, screening the film, with a Q & A and a Signing after the movie!
(If you have not yet seen The Midnight Meat Train, it is OUTSTANDING! My Favorite Horror Film, so far, this year! I saw it twice in the theatre already and I am looking forward to the DVD Release on the 21st! Now, I can see it again, in the theatre, and you can bet that I am going to take my copy of Books of Blood as well as the DVD and get them both signed by Barker!)

Not only that, Lucky McKee's May is also going to be part of the marathon, and Lucky McKee too will be there!!! [Can you tell that I'm getting excited?!?] :-)
I am looking forward to meeting both Barker & McKee!

Friday the 13th - Part 4: The Final Chapter will also be shown, with Director Joseph Zito on hand to answer any questions, etc.
The other 10 Films include:

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (with live organ accompaniment)

White Zombie (the Bela Lugosi Classic)

The Old Dark House (Boris Karloff)

Eyes Without A Face (the French Masterpiece)

Phantom of the Paradise (Brian DePalma's Lunatic Film!)

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer [this one comes out on DVD on Tuesday - it was at the top of my Queue, but now I am removing it] :-)

Pieces (in a new 35mm print)

Black Sabbath (Mario Bava's Italian Sweetness!)

Peter Jackson's Dead Alive [I am so looking forward to seeing this on a Big Screen!] :-)

and last, but not least, The Excorcist

All of this for only a mere $27.00!! (in advance) or $33.00 (at the door)
Plus, there will be Vendor Tables, a Live Auction, Free Monster Drinks! (I am assuming these are the Energy Drinks) Prizes, Surprises, and More!

So, if you are in the Wisconsin area, and you want to attend, and/or want a ride, let me know!!
If you are in the Chicago area, and are already planning on going, let me know, and I'll look you up! [this is something that would be cool to have a friend along for!] :-)

Till then,



Friedhofsruhe said...

omg you are sooooo lucky.
I wish i could be there.
The Midnight Meat Train must be awesome movie.I am looking forward to the DVD Release.

ECHOMAMA said...

"want a ride..."?!?! Are you insane?!?! Did you just offer a ride to thousands of complete strangers?!?! Babe, I love how trusting you are, but SERIOUSLY?!?!?

jessi1974 said...

Malcolm McDowell, Jason Mewes, Clive Barker? I think I just wet myself a little. Sorry.

That is going to completely rock. You have no idea how jealous I am. No way I can come up with enough moolah that quick or I'd so be there at the Chicago one.

Have a blast for all of us poor souls that won't make it.

thebonebreaker said...


The Midnight Train IS an Awesome movie! :-)


thebonebreaker said...

Not everyone is a stranger Babe... ;-)

thebonebreaker said...


Malcolm McDowell and Jason Mewes are going to be at the convention, in Florida, that I will be missing out on.

The movie marathon, in Chicago, is an alternative for me - Clive Barker, Lucky McKee, and Joseph Zito are the only "Guests" that I know that are going to be there. The marathon is only going to be $27.00. . .

I will take pictures for those who will be unable to make it ;-)

jessi1974 said...

Clive Barker is worth muchos more than that! LOL

Yeah, just post more pics for me to drool over. :)

thebonebreaker said...

I have no problem paying the $27 for the movies - what does that boil down to? 2 bucks a piece - and then to throw in Clive Barker and Lucky McKee - I am so there!! ;-)


the jaded viewer said...

Lucy dude. I really wanted to see Midnight Meat Train.

I liked Jack Brooks too. 80s horroromedy done well.

thebonebreaker said...

Cool - Glad to hear that Jack Brooks is going to be good! :-)

Definitely see The Midnight Meat Train (it is worth buying, on the 21st!)


Anonymous said...


This will be my first year missing Screamfest, as well (and it looks like the best guest lineup they've had yet!!!

Still, that marathon is amazing; you're going to have an awesome time. Is that the reason Barker canceled Screamfest? Out of all those movies, Meat Train is like the only one I haven't seen, but I would see them all again and again, if it meant to see them on the big screen. I think the only one I did was The Exorcist, back in 1973...

thebonebreaker said...


I wondered the same thing - it probably is why Barker Canceled from Screamfest - he probably didn't want to hang out in the States for a week in-between, and just chose this one over the other...

I have seen maybe only half of the movies - I am looking forward to seeing them all, on the Big Screen, especially Dead Alive! :-)

a pious atheists virtuous indignation said...

i`ve already bought a copy of "midnite meat train" for 5 dollars from a gorgeous sexy little chinese bird and you`re right it is a superb film, although i do have to say that i loathe and despise "vinnie jones" simply because he is british which makes him a load of old rubbish by definition.