Friday, October 24, 2008

Saw V

Genre - Horror
Year Released - 2008
Running Time - 88 minutes
Rated R (for grisly, bloody violence, torture, and language)
Directed by David Hackl (his directorial debut - though he was 2nd unit director on Saw III & IV)
Written by Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan (both of whom wrote Saw IV, as well as Feast 1, 2, and 3 - they also wrote the upcoming Re-make of Clive Barker's Hellraiser)
Cast Includes:
Tobin Bell (Saw I - IV)
Costas Mandylor (Saw III & IV - he was also in Virtuosity)
Scott Patterson (Saw IV)
Julie Benz (Darla from the Buffy the Vampire TV series, currently Dexter's girlfriend on Showtime's Dexter series, she was also in last year's Rambo and will be in the upcoming Punisher: War Zone)
Betsy Russell (Saw III & IV)

Rating: 3 Skulls

Plot Summary:

When Hoffman learns that his secret connection to Jigsaw will be exposed, the forensics detective embarks on a hunt to eradicate everything that links him to the serial killer Jigsaw.


I'll be honest with you - I almost did not see this movie.
While I love the Saw series, I just feel that it's gone on a bit long. I doubt that James Wan & Leigh Whannell ever expected Saw to turn into what it has. Granted, I am a sucker, and I continue to go back to every sequel that they have made since, even if I do not want to. :-)

To me, no sequel will ever surpass how I felt after the 1st film. As for the 2nd one - I can take or leave that one. The 3rd however, I thought was great and allowed for the perfect end to the trilogy. Then along came number 4. . . I will admit that I liked it, mainly for the autopsy scene, and it did tie up some loose endings.

Now, we have Saw V. Is it really necessary? The answer is No. Is it good? Yeah, though it isn't worth the money that it will generate in the theatre. [I know, I know - I too am at fault, for attending - on opening day even - I just can't help myself! ;-) As for the tagline: You won't believe how it ends?!? What's up with that?!? Part 6 has already been announced. . . Is there ever going to be an end to this series? You may not believe the end, but you will definitely see it coming, as I felt this movie was much more predictable than the others.

Still, why do we go to see the Saw films?
I actually enjoy the depth of the story, however I know that we all want to see the latest torture traps, and you will get plenty of them in this film.

Well, those are my thoughts. I will let you see the movie for yourselves (though there is no need to see it in the theatre - if you can wait for the DVD, you know that you will get an extended, uncut, version of the film)

Let me leave you with the best part of the movie [this trailer]

I so cannot wait for this movie!!!

Also, do you remember My Bloody Valentine?
(Yeah, the movie from 1981)
Well, the Re-make is coming, in January - My Bloody Valentine 3-D
It actually looks pretty good - take a gander:

I told you. . . I'm a sucker for these things! :-)



Rev. Phantom said...

I have to admit the trailer for My Bloody Valentine does look kind of cool. As far as the SAW movies, some things are better left unsaid, so I won't say anything.

thebonebreaker said...

hahahahahahahahahaha :-)

Doesn't MBV look good though?!?


jessi1974 said...

They redid it in 2007, too? I had no idea. I used to watch the hell out of the 1981 original (on Betamax, no

I can't believe I'm giving away my total nerd status, but VH1 is doing a reality show called Scream Queens, where the winner gets a starring role in...get this...Saw 6. The end is not in sight, unfortunately.

thebonebreaker said...


Actually, I was mistaken about the 2007 re-make of MBV - that was a short film, with the same name - I noticed two different covers for the original, and put two and two together, wrong - my apologies. I will correct that. :-)

Yes, while nothing spectacular, I am actually watching Scream Queens (if for no other reason than to support James Gunn) I was watching Christian Slater's My Own Worst Enemy, yet it did not keep my interest.
As for Scream Queens, man, women can be so catty! :-)


jessi1974 said...

Gotcha. No biggie. I loved the dryer scene in the original for some reason. I was a sick kid. lol

Yeah, we all pretty much have our cattiness levels, but some of those chicks take it way to the extreme. Am I mean that I really wish acid would accidentally fall on Michelle's face? She's horrible.

thebonebreaker said...

It's been a long time since I saw MBV - I barely remember it. Another reason that I am looking forward to the Re-make - it's not like it was a masterpiece or anything :-)

Michelle is Awful - she thinks that she is all that, when really she isn't!
(I forget her name, but the black girl, in my opinion, is the best actress on the show)