Saturday, October 4, 2008

Elite XC - Saturday Night Fight 3 Re-Cap

I was looking forward to tonight's Elite XC Main Event, on CBS, between Kimbo Slice & Ken Shamrock. [I so wanted Ken Shamrock to give Kimbo a beat down!] :-)

I was disappointed when, before any fights even started, Elite XC announced that Ken Shamrock had received a head-butt during some warm-up training, mere hours earlier, which caused a cut to open over his left eye, which need 6 stitches to close shut. The athletic commission then decided that Ken would be unable to fight tonight - bummer! :-(

When Ken's (adopted) brother, Frank, (a fighter/commentator) was asked what he thought about Ken's injury, Frank seemed pretty harsh to me, talking about how Ken is embarrassing the Shamrock family name (obviously no brotherly love there) I mean, c'mon, it wasn't intentional!

Elite XC then announced that Kimbo would still be fighting tonight - Seth Petruzelli (a former UFC fighter) would be stepping in to fight Kimbo in Ken's stead.
I am not a big fan of Kimbo Slice, but I am not sure how fair it is to suddenly have to fight someone you know nothing about, when you've specifically been training to fight someone completely different. All part of being a fighter, I suppose. . .

A middleweight fight between Benji Radach & Murilo Rua started off the evening, and what a great 1st round! Radach and Rua were just going back-and-forth on each other, coming close to knocking each other out. Then, in the 2nd round, Rua slipped, falling to his back - a slip which caused him the fight, as immediately Radach pounced on him, raining 3 or 4 major heavy blows, knocking Rua out cold. [and I wanted Rua to win that fight too]

The 2nd fight of the night was the female fight, between (my girl) Gina Carano & Kelly Kobald.
I have been following Gina's career, ever since she 1st started fighting for Elite XC, on Showtime, and I love watching her fight!
Tonight's fight was no exception - she completely dominated the fight, earning herself a unanimous decision victory, keeping her undefeated record!

Go Gina! :-)

The 3rd fight of the evening was Heavyweights Andrei Arlovski (a former UFC Heavyweight Champion!) & Roy Nelson. I am an Arlovski fan! [I love his fanged mouthguard!] Seriously though, he is a great fighter! I have never seen Roy Nelson fight and I was quite surprised at the belly this man has! (my wife stated that he looks 8 months pregnant!)
As the fight commenced, I was a little bit worried for Arlovski, what with Nelson on top of him, practically smothering him with his belly. I mean how do you get out from under that immense weight? I need not have worried though, Arlovski knocked Nelson out - Nelson got back up, a few seconds later, seemingly upset, but to me, it was obvious that he had been knocked out - Good Call Ref!

It was around this time that the camera focused on Tito Ortiz (another former UFC Champion!) who was in the audience. Tito (who is expecting twins with Jenna Jameson) announced that he and Elite XC are about a week away from signing a contract, so hopefully that will go through and we will see Tito (the Hunting Beach Bad Boy!) fight again soon! :-)

Next up, we had the Welterweight Championship fight between Jake Shields & Paul Daley.
I wanted Jake to win this fight and he did, with a nice armbar submission in the 2nd round, retaining the Welterweight Belt! Good Fight!

We then had the main event of the evening - Heavyweights Kimbo Slice & Seth Petruzelli.
I've already stated that I am not a Kimbo fan, (it's nothing personal, I just don't like the guy) so I did not care whether it was Ken Shamrock or Seth Petruzelli - as long as one of them beat Kimbo! :-)

I couldn't find a picture, but what was up with Kimbo having one pec shaved and the other not?!?

What an explosive beginning - Petruzelli came out with a front kick and then a jab that stunned Kimbo, and Petruzelli was all over Kimbo, with a flurry of punches. The ref stopped the fight and Petruzelli was declared winner by technical knock-out. Personally, I feel that the ref stopped the fight too soon on this one. To me, it looked as if Kimbo was getting right back up. . . Yet another issue that a fighter just has to deal with, in the cage. . .

Till next time,


P.S. Brian - if you are reading this Blog, I looked for you all throughout the night - I never saw you in the audience, but you will have to call me and let me know how it was, being there live! :-)


Ryan said...

Good stuff bro!! Great night of fights last night! I absolutely loved watching Kimbo get beat down!! I have to disagree, I think that was a good ref stoppage to call that fight, Seth landing about 6 or 7 unanswered blows to his head and therefore the ref must call. Kimbo was clearly not defending himself and could have really been hurt if the ref had allowed Seth to keep teeing off on him. Good to see him lose though, it proves he is not the fighter they he claims to be! Welcome to professional fighting baby!

thebonebreaker said...

6 or 7 blows?!? Bro, watch that fight again - it was definitely a flurry of blows, however very few connected, and even fewer connected solidly. . . Kimbo was never in any danger of being hurt badly - the ref should have at least waited for a few seconds more, to see what Kimbo would have done. :-)


ECHOMAMA said...

Sorry Ryan, I'm gonna have to agree with Jason on this. Watching the playback of the Kimbo fight, Few blows actually connected solidly. I think the ref should have let it go just another 30 seconds or so. If he was going to get up, he would have had time, if not, there would be no controversy.

thebonebreaker said...

Glad you have my back, babe! ;)