Wednesday, September 17, 2008

UFC Fight Night 15(?) and The Ulimate Fighter Season 8 Premiere Recap

My wife and I are both huge MMA fans, so we have been looking forward to tonight's line-up on the Spike Network. Tonight was Spike TV's 8th Season Premiere of the UFC's Reality Show - The Ultimate Fighter, but before the Premiere was another LIVE Fight Night!

Here is a recap, as well as my thoughts on the fights:

Light Heavyweights Houston "the Assassin" Alexander vs Eric Schafer - I thought for sure that Houston was going to win this fight. He started off strong, but Schafer was taking the punishment! Eric then turned around and submitted Houston with an Arm Triangle - Houston tapped out with only 7 seconds left in the round! :-(
All in all, a great way to start off the night!

Middleweights Ed Herman vs Alan Belcher - 1st, I have to ask (if you saw the fight) What was up with Belcher's shorts?!? (he had the bottoms pulled up inside the top, with the top of the shorts rolled down or something - very strange!) Anyway, I was betting on Herman to win the fight. I pretty much gave Herman the 1st round, as well as the 3rd round (the 2nd round could have gone either way) So I was surprised when Belcher was announced the winner by Split Decision - I feel that this was a wrong call!

Next up was my Favorite Weight class - the Lightweights - Clay "the Carpenter" Guida vs Mac Danzig - I like both of these fighters, however I was going with Guida on tonight's fight... The 1st round could have gone either way - I probably would have given it to Mac, as he was more technical in the fight. I feel that both the 2nd and the 3rd round went to Clay, so when he was announced the winner by Unanimous Decision, I felt like that was a Good Call! Clay was Slamming Mac left and right during those last two rounds! :-)

The Main Event was Lightweights Nate Diaz vs Josh Neer - Again, I like both of these fighters, yet I had to go with Nate, as I love watching him fight! I love the way that Nate is constantly on the look-out for Submissions and the way that he transitions from move to move, out of the blue! This was an Awesome Fight, with Nate winning, by Split Decision.

Dana White (President of the UFC) announced during the night that on December 10th, LIVE on Spike TV, the UFC will hold a 3-hour "Fight for the Troops" in Fort Brag, to help raise money for the troops. . . the Card has not yet been announced, but I am sure that this night will be something to look forward to!

After Fight Night, Season 8 of The Ultimate Fighter Premiered - this Season's Coaches are Heavyweights Antonio Nogueira and Frank Mir (who will both fight for the Heavyweight Belt, after the Season Finale - Antonio currently holds the belt. . .)

32 Fighters (16 Light Heavyweights & 16 Lightweights) were gathered together. They each are paired together to fight one another, with only 16 Fighters making it onto the show!

Tonight's Premiere Episode started off interestingly enough with Dana White welcoming everyone - before he even finished the welcome, a fighter passed out - apparently, he was not expecting Vegas' 105 degree heat. . . even though that was pretty funny, he proved himself inside the Octagon, defeating his opponent and making it onto this season's show!

I immediately pegged a fighter - I wish that I could tell you his name - Kristoff (not spelled right! - something like Krzyst...) Before he even fought, I told my wife that he would definitely make it onto the show - just the way he carried himself - Sure enough, he fought 1st and destroyed his opponent!

My least favorite fighter so far was Jose somebody (they called him "Freddy") I just did not like him (I don't really know why) and I am glad that he did not make it onto the show - Sorry. I am not really too keen on the guy that beat him either. A Super Cocky Fighter (I don't mind Confident) this guy was just, in-your-face, cocky - we'll see how he holds up - the Coaches seemed to really like him. (Another thing, I have a hard time respecting a Fighter who paints his toenails! I know, I know, I love Chuck Liddell and he paints his. . . WHY?!?!?)

Some other things to note:

Clay Guida's Brother Jason Guida attempted to make it into this season, however he showed up at 217 lbs and needed to cut weight within 24 hours to 205 lbs - he weighed in at 207 lbs and was off of the show. . . it's his own fault - why would you show up 12 lbs overweight?!?

Rashad Evan's Brother Lance Evans tried out for the show as well - he obtained a rib injury during his fight and could not continue. . . off the show as well. . .

Well, that about wraps up my rambling! :-)
[Just looking forward to the continuation of this season - next week!]

If you too are an MMA Fan and caught any of tonight's fights, be sure to leave me a comment with your thoughts as well :-)



Ryan said...

Good job bro! Had some pretty decent fights last night! While Fight Night was good...TUF was great and looks to be an awesome season this year! I gotta tell you man, that cocky lightweight is who I am predicitng to win the show man...I think he is going to back up what he says, but I agree...way too cocky. I ama just so glad he beat that guy because I don't know that I could have wahted him every week! As far as Jason Guida goes...foolish man!! I can't stand when these guys blow the opportunity of a lifetime because they can't make weight! Unbelievable! His nickname should now be The "Carb"enter :)

thebonebreaker said...

hahahahaha ~ Carbenter ~ that is Great!!

Once I see the rest of the fighters compete, I'll let you know who I think will win the show [remember, two Contracts this year!] :-)