Friday, December 20, 2019

My Favorite Books of 2019

This one is for those who love to read. (My Top Twenty Books of the Year - the first ten were published this year; the last ten were published prior to this year, but I read them this year. Several of these are Novellas, hence there being twenty. Not all of these are horror, but should be enjoyed by anyone who loves different genres.)

In alphabetical order:
(Published in 2019)

1. Hateful Things (Book 2 in the Children of D'Hara series) by Terry Goodkind 
2. The Institute by Stephen King 
3. Island of the Flesh Eaters by Thomas S. Flowers 
4. The Line Between by Tosca Lee 
5. The Pandora Room by Christopher Golden 
6. Resurrection Man by Franklin E. Wales 
7. The Scribbly Man (Book 1 in the Children of D'Hara series) by Terry Goodkind 
8. The Sky People by Terry Goodkind 
9. Wanderers by Chuck Wendig 
10. Wasteland (Book 3 in the Children of D'Hara series) by Terry Goodkind 

Honorable Mentions:
(Published prior to this year)

1. The Black Echo by Michael Connelly 
2. Doctor Sleep by Stephen King 
3. *Flashback by Dan Simmons 
4. The Midnight, Texas Trilogy (Midnight Crossroad, Day Shift, and Night Shift) by Charlaine Harris 
5. Night Fall (Book 3 in the John Corey series) by Nelson DeMille 
6. Pushing Brilliance by Tim Tigner 
7. The Risen by David Anthony Durham 
8. Rough Trade by Todd Robinson 
9. Siege of Stone (Book 3 in the Nicci Chronicles) by Terry Goodkind 
10. Vine in the Fire by Stephen J. Semones 

So there you have my top favorite [22] books that I read this year. If I were to choose an absolute favorite, it would be Dan Simmons' Flashback as Best Book of the Year.

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