Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Spider Kingdom ('Shivers' #13) [Book Review]

"Do you enjoy being frightened?

Would you rather have nightmares instead of sweet dreams?

Are you happy only when shaking with fear?


You've made a wise choice.

This book is the doorway to all that may frighten you.

Get ready for cold, clammy shivers running up and down your spine!

Now, open the door - IF YOU DARE!!!!"

So, after reading the above, I recently had to stop what I am currently reading in order to read this book, for my youngest daughter, to make sure that it was suitable and not too scary. . . (per her asking)

The deal that was made with my daughter was "if it is appropriate, after you read it, you need to write me a review".

[I will first give my thoughts, and then I will end with my daughter's review, in her exact words.]

Genre - Children's Horror
Year Published - 1996
Length - 123 pages
Written by M. D. Spenser

(My daughter's) Rating: 5 Skulls

Plot summary:
Follow this frightening fable of Freddy and his pal, Lumpy, as they face the flesh-eating forces of giant spiders.

But, it's all their fault! If only they hadn't killed all those little spiders. If only they had learned to appreciate those crawling creatures. It's too late now!

They're trapped in the Spider Kingdom awaiting trial for their crimes. The mighty Spider King will be their judge. There's no way out, or is there?

Will they find their fate as food fit for a king or will they weave a way out of this web?

Spider, Spider on the wall. . .

This 'Shivers' series is basically akin to the far more popular 'GooseBumps' series. This series of books is written for ages 8 - 14. (This one is #13) My daughter came across it at our local used book store - not a bad deal for only 50 cents!

After having read it myself, I deemed it appropriate for my 11-year-old daughter to read. I rather enjoyed the subtle message of "how not to act" (being a bully, etc).

On to my daughter's thoughts (in her exact words):

Definitely read this book!

I liked the whole story and how the end of the book twisted all together in a cool, weird, spooky way.

The story is put together very well and is nerve-wracking!

M. D. Spenser did a great job creating and putting together this book! I totally want to read the other ones!


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