Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Empire of the Tooth [Short Story Review]

Genre - Horror
Year Published - *See Below
Length - (not correct) According to my Kindle App, 382 pages (much shorter though!)
Written by Iain Rob Wright

Rating: 5 Skulls

Plot Summary:
*Rather than a round-a-bout explanation, here is the situation in the author's own words: (from his newsletter)

I recently wrote a short story for an anthology. The short story was intended to act as a sequel to Animal Kingdom. It now seems that the publisher I submitted to is making all sorts of false advertising claims and blocking any authors who complain. I doubt any of us will ever be paid for our work. Things such as this are the reason I self publish almost exclusively. While I might have signed a contract preventing me from publishing the short story elsewhere, there is nothing to stop me giving it away to my newsletter readers. So that's what i am doing. If you would like to download the short story, EMPIRE OF THE TOOTH, then just visit bookfunnel at the link below:

"Iain Rob Wright"

So there you have it.

If you have read 'Animal Kingdom' (I reviewed it, earlier this year) and ever wondered what happened to Danny & Joe, then this short story is a must read!

If you have not yet read 'Animal Kingdom' then I highly suggest that you do and then come back here and download this short story sequel. (If you have never used BookFunnel, it is an app that is super easy, and allows you to download a book for whatever device you want)

It has been 5 years since the animals united together  and started their attacks on humankind. After being under constant siege, there is suddenly a lull in the continued attacks. Is whatever happened finally over?

When a (friendly) dog shows up, is he a sign of hope, or is it false?

Read this story to find out the answers, and be prepared for a brilliant twist!

Thank you, Iain Rob Wright for sharing this tale with us, your fans, and I hope that it eventually sees the publishing light of day!


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