Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bigfoot Terror Tales - Volume One: Stories of Sasquatch Horror [Book Review]

Genre - Horror/Anthology
Year Published - 2012
Length - 162 [digital] pages *Read on my Nook
Edited by Eric S. Brown & A. P. Fuchs

Rating: 4 Skulls [Overall]

Plot Summary:
He is Mysterious. . .
He is Legend. . .
He is Bigfoot!

Need I say more?

In this anthology, you get 14 stories that will whet the appetite of any Sasquatch horror fan!

As Eric S. Brown stated in his Introduction, this anthology was put together in "an effort to bring Bigfoot back to his rightful place in the Monster Food Chain."
So, if you love a good tale of horrific, bloody Sasquatch attacks upon humans, then this anthology is for you!

What I'll do is just give you a super-quick rundown of each tale:

#1 - 'Small Town, Big Trouble' (by David Bernstein)
       This was an excellent story to start off with!
       This one is about what a man will do to break a curse upon his town...
        I loved this one!
       5 Skulls

#2 - 'Frame 353' (by Francesco Collia)
       This one is about a filmmaker attempting to capture the "perfect shot"...
       3 Skulls

#3 - 'A Forest of Monsters' (by Giovanna Lagana)
       This is a tale about a lab experiment gone wrong...
       3 Skulls

#4 - 'Revenge of the Blood Creatures' (by Franklin E. Wales)
       This one is about a couple of grindhouse filmmakers on the cusp of the "gore genre", 
       making a film called "Terror of the Missing Link" about the Florida Skunk-Ape.
       4 Skulls

#5 - 'The Thing Under the House' (by R. J. and Rosalind Sevin)
       This one is pretty self explanatory - about "something" taking refuge under a couple's 
       house during a storm.
       3 Skulls

#6 - 'Yeiitsoh' (by Suzanne Robb)
       This one is my favorite of the 14 stories! (as well as the most violent/gruesome)
       This is a story about a mother & daughter who were slaughtered, and the father & son 
       who form a hunting party to go after the attacker.
       5 Skulls

#7 - 'Unleashing Terror' (by Janice Gable Bashman)
       This tale is about a group of captured Bigfoot being held aboard a ship within a ship 
       graveyard. Definitely an interesting approach!
       4 Skulls

#8 - 'Witiko' (by Bruce Durham)
       This one is about a group of British soldiers, who stumble upon an inhabited cave, 
       while investigating an outpost that was attacked.
       3 Skulls

#9 - 'Night Stalkers' (by Jason Hughes)
       This tale is about serial murders taking place in a small town...
       Unfortunately, this one didn't do a whole lot for me.
       2 Skulls

#10 - 'The Lord Helps Those...' (by Tonia Brown)
       This one tells the story of an old farmer who claims to have seen a Bigfoot, yet no one 
       believes him... Great story!
       5 Skulls

#11 - 'In the Forests of the Far Land' (by Christine Morgan)
       This one is about a group of Scandinavian(?) friends whose village is wiped out.
       3 Skulls

#12 - 'Ronald Reagan vs. Bigfoot' (by Eric Dimbleby)
       Yep, you read that title correctly... An 85-year-old Ronald Reagan versus Bigfoot...
       The good news is, that it was a good story!
       4 Skulls

#13 - 'Sti'yaha' (by E. M. MacCallum)
       When one of their own goes missing, some Jr. High kids go in hunt of Bigfoot...
       I am sorry to say that I did not like this story - no offense to the author...
       2 Skulls

#14 - 'Bigfoot vs. Grandpa' (by Eric J. Guignard)
       This one tells the tale of a grandpa telling his grandson how his left hand was bitten 
       off by a Bigfoot.
       (for whatever reason, it brought back memories of the grandfather reading to his sick 
       grandson, in 'The Princess Bride' - not sure why, but it did)
       4 Skulls

So there you have a breakdown of each story...

Until next time,


P. S. About halfway through writing this review, something wonky happened (I have no idea what I did - I tried to fix it, but to no avail) Whatever happened, it made my font all screwy/uneven - I apologize for that - wish I could have figured out how to fix it!


Jennifer Croissant said...

That works out at an average of only 11 and-a-half pages per story, thats pretty economical story telling.

thebonebreaker said...


Most definitely! :-)

A.P. Fuchs said...

Thanks for putting up a post/review about the book despite it crashing.

Thanks, also, for posting up a review on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

thebonebreaker said...

Mr. Fuchs, thank you for putting out such a great book, for all of us Bigfoot "enthusiasts"! :-)