Monday, March 25, 2013

13 Steps [Short Story Review]

Genre - Short/Horror/Western
Year Published - 2013 
(this story has just been released as a stand-alone-short ~ it was originally published in the anthology, 'Welcome to Hell', in 2012)
Length - 22 [digital] pages
Written by Franklin E. Wales

Rating: 5 Skulls

Plot Summary:
Thirteen steps up the gallows to the hangman's noose:
One step to reflect each day that brought Dramos to this point in his life.

There is a lot more to the Circle Star Ranch massacre than the sheriff knows about...

Book Trailer:

Pay close attention to the 1:20 mark... ;-)

Yesterday, I posted the above book trailer. In my excitement, I failed to realize that I was already familiar with this story. (I, of course, recognized the title '13 Steps' and I was familiar with the name Dramos) I just assumed, after having viewed the trailer, that Wales' had expanded upon his original short story (as stated above; previously released in the anthology 'Welcome to Hell: An Anthology of Western Weirdness' - which I mentioned in my June, 2012 blog post...)

Let me explain a little further:
As you all already know, I am a HUGE fan of Wales' work (my favorite Independent author!) I read everything that the man writes! He is a most excellent storyteller!
This being the case, I have been aware that Wales' is creating his own mythos (now, officially titled 'The Dramos Saga' which, after re-reading this story, I have learned that it is going to be a series of stand-alone short stories, each one leading into the other, yet still being able to be read as individual stories...

On a side note, after you have read this story, take my advice and read another of Wales' short stories titled, 'Homecoming' (see my review of it, posted on Jan. 10th)
It is not officially part of the Dramos Saga (to my knowledge) yet it does, in its own way, tie in to Dramos' tale. (without giving anything away, it has to do with Dramos' Italian heritage)
Also, reading both of these stories will also benefit you when Wales' next full-length novel, 'Eaton Falls' is released (coming soon!)

See, I told you that Wales is building his own, unique universe...
I feel as if I am rambling, in my excitement, so I am just going to tell you to get this story!
$1.00 on the Kindle/Kindle App

For only a buck, you will learn a little of Dramos' past - 13 days, in fact, which lead him to the gallows...




steve prefontaine said...

Jason, great to see your name on the reveiw my old mate, well done.

thebonebreaker said...

Thank you Steve :-)