Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dreaming at the Top of My Lungs [Book Review]

Genre - Horror/Short Stories
Year Published - 2016
Length - 115 (digital) pages
Written by Israel Finn

Rating: 5+ Skulls

Plot Summary:
Ten Tales of Horror from the mind of Israel Finn:

A man who is faced with the prospect of losing the most important thing in his life— his son— but instead loses his mind. And then finds himself trapped in a waking nightmare with no way out.

A frustrated man who curses life for having the audacity to pass him by, but discovers how it feels to be truly forsaken when the universe chooses to teach him a horrible lesson.

A man who must decide between vengeance and forgiveness in a world turned upside down by war and famine.

A milquetoast trapped in a loveless marriage and a thankless job, who isn't even allowed the small luxury of suffering in peace when he comes down with a terrible case of the flu. The result is something straight out of a nightmare delirium.

A man who is living with a very odd houseguest, a visitor who has no concept of war.

A boy who lives in constant terror of someone who is supposed to love and protect him, but who has betrayed that trust. A horror story that examines the real-life beasts who walk among us every day.

...and more.

This is probably the greatest collection of short horror stories that I have yet read!

Here is a brief breakdown of each of the ten stories:

Story #1 - 'Stranded' - a story about a man caught in a bizarre time-loop, with a terrific climax! 5 Skulls

Story #2 - 'No Such Things As Monsters' - this is my second favorite story in this collection. Truly horrifying! 5 Skulls

Story #3 - 'Sick Day' - this one ended too soon! (warning: this one will make you gag!) 5 Skulls

Story #4 - 'The Messenger' - my least favorite in this collection, however it is still a solid story! 3 Skulls

Story #5 - 'Deadfall Lane' - this one is, by far, my favorite in this collection! 5 Skulls

Story #6 - 'Water and War' - a thought-provoking story about an alien. 4 Skulls

Story #7 - 'Stones' - another story that makes you think! 4 Skulls

Story #8 - 'Deathbed' - a very well-written story about a father and son. 3 Skulls

Story #9 - 'To Catch a Fly' - a story about a convict. 4 Skulls

Story #10 - 'Ugly' - an absolutely brilliant twist-ending in this one! 5 Skulls

So there you have the ten tales within this collection. I didn't even mention the incredible Foreward (which immediately grabs you!)

Israel Finn writes with spectacularly, vivid clarity. His stories suck you in and are totally immersive! He has a talent, in spades, for great storytelling! I am definitely looking forward to reading a novel by Finn!



Israel Finn said...

Thanks again, Jason. This means a lot to me.

Israel Finn said...

Thanks again, Jason. This means a lot to me.

thebonebreaker said...

My absolute pleasure, Israel!