Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Black Cat Mojo

"In these three novellas of blackly comic crime and creature horror, you'll go slumming with well-endowed dwarf porn stars, killer badgers, redneck mama's boys, morbidly obese nympomaniacs, dumbass dog-nappers, trailer trash Jesus freaks, diarrheic Jack Russell Terriers, not-so-wiseguys, mob-movie memorabilia collectors, junkie blackmailers, and giant man eating Burmese pythons."

[All of the above, in under 200 pages!]

Who thinks of this crazy stuff?!?
Adam Howe, that's who!

Howe has quickly become my favorite newly discovered author this year.
(If you missed my review of 'Gator Bait', back in August, it is currently FREE to download on the Kindle app. I would definitely recommend doing so, pronto!)

As for 'Black Cat Mojo' - there is a blurb, written by S. R. Mastrantone, which says, "Black Cat Mojo makes you feel like you've stumbled across a treasure trove filled with the stories Tarantino was too afraid to tell. . ."
This blurb sums up Howe perfectly!
When you read Howe, it is like you are reading a Tarantino flick on paper.

If you like your crime fiction dark & twisted, then this is a must-read!
One of those books where time flies!

There is also another tale included in this book that was originally published in Nightmare Magazine, last year, so you get four stories for the price of three! ;-)



Adam Howe said...

Hello again, Jason. Thanks for the review, mate. I'm glad you liked the book. I think you'll enjoy the new one. You've already read Gator Bait, but the other two stories make for a longer book than Black Cat Mojo, so you shouldn't feel shortchanged. It's really cool knowing there's readers like you digging what I'm doing.

thebonebreaker said...

Adam, I totally dig what you are doing!

Please tell me that 'Die Dog or Eat the Hatchet' will be available in print as well...?
(when I posted this review on Amazon, I saw that it is currently Kindle only)
Your books are totally library-shelf worthy! ;-)

Also, I am curious as to where you are at in writing a full-length novel?


Adam Howe said...

Yeah, Die Dog will be available as a trade paperback. Comet Press produce really nice books, and the cover rocks.

You might have to wait awhile for a full-length novel. I doubt my style will ever really lend itself to War and Peace-length books. But I'm trying! I've got a killer idea - the title's ONE TOUGH BASTARD - I just can't get it to click yet. And given the humour-driven stuff I write, that's important. I won't put anything less than my best work out there.

But there'll be good stuff to come, though. Just gotta write it! I'm currently writing a follow-up to the lead story in 'Die Dog.'

It's called The Tijuana Donkey Show. A children's book, right. ;) So maybe you can read the two stories together and pretend it's a novel? And given how the novel's coming, you'd be doing me a favour, ha-ha.

thebonebreaker said...

Yes, I too am impressed with Comet Press' quality (I stated that in my review on G+)

I figured the novel delay was something along those lines. You are definitely making the right decision in waiting for your best work, as you haven't failed in that aspect at all!

You have made me a fan. I will be looking forward to all of your future works!

Thank you for answering my questions, Adam.

Until my next review,


Adam Howe said...

Dave tells me he's been in touch? Enjoy, man. Just make sure you buy the PB. ;)

thebonebreaker said...

Yes sir, and I truly appreciate it, Adam, thank you very much!
You know that I will definitely purchase the paperback, for my library...
Do you provide signed copies through CP?

Adam Howe said...

You're welcome, Jason. Let me know how you like it. If you could help me spread the word by leaving a review at Amazon and Goodreads, maybe wear a sandwich board plugging the book, pester strangers about it, the usual, I'd appreciate it... I should probably speak to Comet Press and try to arrange some signed copies. I recently sent a signed Black Cat Mojo to a guy in the States, and with the international postage costs, it ended up costing the poor bastard around thirty bucks!

Oh, and here's something you might like, a piece I wrote about the first story in the book, Damn Dirty Apes

I think you're spoiler free!

thebonebreaker said...

I will definitely do that, Brother!
I have already started by telling anyone that I know who is a Tarantino fan, to check you out, as I know they will not be disappointed!

Thank you for the link to your article.
Dave mentioned the controversy over that story - hahahahaha - looking forward to reading it!

By the way, do you care if I post some of the above conversation on my Google+ page?
(such as the article link, upcoming info, etc)


Adam Howe said...

No problem, share away!

thebonebreaker said...

Cool :-)