Thursday, January 10, 2013

Homecoming [Short Story]

Genre - Horror
Year Published - 2012
Length - 20 [digital] pages (total) *Read on my Nook
Written by Franklin E. Wales

Rating: 5 Skulls

Plot Summary:
The story takes place in the Italian Apennine Mountains, during World War II.
We are introduced to two American soldiers who have "dug-in" during a a blizzard.
When one of the soldiers has to go outside to relieve himself, the nightmare begins...!

Nazi Werewolves... 'nuff said!

Kidding aside, if you are a fan of the film 'Dog Soldiers' go to Amazon and grab this story right now (it's available on Kindle for only a buck!)

Wales has knocked it out of the park with this one, weaving a taught thrill-ride of a tale that follows a soldier being hunted by "creatures" right out of Hitler's laboratory!
You are definitely left wanting more at the end of this one!

The actual story of Homecoming is 13 pages in length. After that, your buck gets you the Prologue & 1st chapter of Wales new novel 'Eaton Falls' - coming out this spring!
The prologue begins on Christmas Eve, 1902, where "the sickness" is ravaging the small town of Eaton Falls. Here we meet a husband/father making his last stand against the hunger and blood lust tearing through his community.
Chapter 1 then jumps to December 1st, present day, where strangers have just arrived in the town...
I am definitely looking forward to this one!



teddy crescendo said...

Jason, I always cursed the fact that "Dog Soldiers" (2002) was a British made film, i thought it was ludicrously over-rated garbage, but what really got on my nerves was knowing how superb it would have been had it been American made, for instance (as a random example), if we go back 21 years from 2002 to 1981 we will find a certain "The Howling" a textbook and truly classic Werewolf movie thats infinitely better than "Dog Soldiers" in virtually every concievable respect. Horror movies are a very specific and American genre of film-making, a genre that should NEVER EVER be touched by other nations ! ! !.

thebonebreaker said...

Teddy, while I agree that 'The Howling' is a classic werewolf flick, it does not have "War Wolves", which was the point of the mention of 'Dog Soldiers'...

Do not let your dislike of Dog Soldiers dissuade you from checking out 'Homecoming' - perhaps it will appease your "what could have been" concept...

teddy crescendo said...

Will do Jason, its just that i like to use any excuse to trash the British film industry, you know that ! ! !.

bloggerkk said...

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