Monday, January 7, 2013

Crogian [Book Review]

Genre - Horror/Sci-Fi
Year Published - 2012 (Published by Necro Publications)
Length - 214 [digital] pages *I read this book on my Nook
Written by John Leahy

Rating: 4 Skulls

Plot Summary:
"The U. S. Air Force makes an incredible discovery in an Alaskan creek, giving them the means to open a doorway in space. A probe is sent through the doorway and brings back a soil sample from a strange planet. 
A molecule is isolated from the sample and developed as a deadly weapon. It leaks into the atmosphere over Southeast Texas, unleashing legions of mutated insects, plants, fish, and reptiles upon the population..."

With the flood of apocalyptic fiction out there, (most focusing primarily on zombies) it was refreshing to read a new take on the apocalypse - Giant Bugs, etc!

Crogian is an acronym derived from CReator Of GIANts (and I do mean giants!)

If there is one insect/bug that I despise the most, it's the cockroach! So when I'm reading about 3 foot long, 1 foot wide cockroaches, (and those are just the small ones!) it tends to creep me out!
Just think about all of the tiny insects out there in the world, and now imagine them all as giants... Wasps the size of basketballs, mosquitoes the size of softballs. Horseflies, beetles, centipedes... the list goes on and on!
Now imagine that your food and water supply has been contaminated, on top of the giant insects! Is this painting a terrifying enough picture?

Leahy has written a visually-descriptive novel that you will not forget.

This is a perfect book to start off the new year!


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