Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012: Year in Review

I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas...!

My Top 10 Favorite Novels that I read this year:
(in alphabetical order - *denotes that the book was published in 2012)

1. 'Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter' by Brian P. Easton
2. *'Dark Revelations' by Anthony Zuicker & Duane Swierczynski
3. *'Deadheads: Evolution' by Franklin E. Wales
4. *'The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus' by Terry Goodkind
5. 'Horns' by Joe Hill
6. 'Malachi's Moon' by Billie Sue Mosiman
7. 'The Passage' by Justin Cronin
8. *'Pavlov's Dogs' by D. L. Snell & Thom Brannan
9. 'A Princess of Mars' by Edgar Rice Burroughs
10. *'The Roswell Conspiracy' by Boyd Morrison

So, which novel receives the title of Best Novel of 2012?
My favorite read of the year goes to #4 - The First Confessor by Terry Goodkind

My Top 10 Favorite Films Released in 2012:
(in alphabetical order)

1. The Avengers
2. Breathless
3. The Cabin in the Woods
4. The Dark Knight Rises
5. The Grey
6. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
7. John Carter
8. Looper
9. Prometheus
10. The Raid: Redemption

Best Film of 2012 goes to #10 on the list - The Raid: Redemption

My Top 10 Apps that I Downloaded this year:
(in alphabetical order)

1. Angry Birds: Star Wars
2. Crazy Hedgy
3. The Daily
4. Gesundheit
5. Judge Dredd vs Zombies
6. Lego Harry Potter
7. Pizza vs Skeletons
8. Smart Wi-Fi Toggler
9. Swordigo
10. Tread of the Dead

Best App of the Year goes to #3 - The Daily
(this is available on iOS only - it's a "daily" news app that just gives you quick snippets of what you are interested in - the app that I missed the most, when I switched to Android)
Best Game of the Year goes to #9 - Swordigo - great game! (unfortunately, it too is only available on iOS)

Well, there you have it, another year, come and gone...

Be sure to tune back in during 2013!
Now that I once again have regular internet access, I plan on focusing my reviews more on the independent films/books, so if you are an independent film director/producer/author, and would like an honest review/critique of your work, shoot me an e-mail at - I'll be looking forward to checking out your work!



Jennifer Croissant said...

Cheers Jason, my Christmas was/is quite superb (i`m still celebrating, but more on that later), i hope you`re still revelling in yuletide magic as well. With regards to the list of top 10 movies, the list was reasonably good but i just think "The Raid: Redemption" should`ve been in the top 3 instead of only at number 10, it was a quite astonishing masterwork of the highest order and calibre (although i fully accept of course that the "The Avengers" was easily THE best film of the year, no question about that). Now back to the magic of Christmas, officially and strickly speaking you are supposed to keep celebrating until the 6th of January (the actual 12th day of Christmas), America seems to make the mistake of thinking that Christmas is over on December 26th, IT ISN`T BELIEVE ME ! ! !, theres still over 10 days of Christmas magic to be enjoyed, make sure you keep celebrating until the 6th, i always do. You`ve got to make the most of the Christmas magic, the rest of the year is such a total and utter non-event in comparison ! ! !. For me Christmas begins around November 15th and gos on until January 6th (like i said), that equates to over 7 weeks of intensive and virtually uninterupted Christmas magic, i think you and your family should always aim for the same levels of non-stop Christmas magic as well ! ! !.

thebonebreaker said...


Glad to hear that you are having a great Christmas! My wife feels the same as you... If the tree doesn't go up right before Thanksgiving, it goes up immediately afterwards, and stays up till the 6th of Jan. :-)

Re: The Raid, if you re-read the post, you will see that I listed the films in alphabetical order (not by rank)
I actually gave The Raid the Best Film of the Year (as much as I Loved The Avengers, I find myself watching The Raid more frequently...)


Jennifer Croissant said...

Sorry Jason, I didn`t notice the "alphabetical order" bit, so you actually thought "The Raid" was THE best film of the year ! ! !. Like i said, i thought it was a truly astounding piece of work but i would`ve still put it in second place to "The Avengers", which, for me, was an EVEN MORE astounding piece of work. By the way, its great to know that your wife wants the same 6 or 7 weeks of uninterupted Christmas magic every year that i do, tell her "well done" from me.