Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Let the Right One In

Foreign Film from Sweden - Swedish Title: Lat den ratte komma in
Language - Swedish with English Subtitles or Dubbed in English
Genre - Foreign Horror/Drama
Year Released - 2008
Running Time - 114 minutes
Directed by Tomas Alfredson
Written by John Ajvide Lindqvist (who wrote both the novel that the movie is based upon as well as the screenplay for the film)
Cast Includes: Kare Hedebrant (as Oskar) and Lina Leandersson (as Eli)

Rated: 3 Skulls

Plot Summary:
Twelve-year-old Oskar, the constant target of bullies, spends his time plotting revenge and collecting news items about the grisly murders plaguing his town. Things change for Oskar when he meets new girl Eli - a misfit vampire who steals his heart. As a serial killer continues to prey on teen boys in the small village outside Stockholm, Sweden, Eli helps Oskar find the courage to stand up to his tormentors.


I have been eagerly awaiting today's DVD release of this film, as I have heard nothing but great things about it. Every review that I have read has praised the film! Countless folks have stated that it is one of the best vampire films ever made!

Either I missed something completely or I just didn't get it, as I do not see everyone's fascination with this film. It was okay - an all right movie, however it is far from the best!
[The best is still The Vampire Diaries Part 1: Thicker than Water ~ Let the Right One In does not even compare with Near Dark or The Lost Boys]
I just don't get it. . . Someone please explain to me what I missed. . .

I really, really HATE to say this, but this may be an American Re-Make that has the potential to be better than the original that it was based upon. [for those unaware, and American Re-Make is scheduled for a 2010 release date - simply titled Let Me In]

Perhaps I should just read the Novel

Here's the trailer:



Wings said...

I just added this to my Netflix queue this morning. I had heard good things, as well. But something about the summary kept me from getting too excited. Now with your review, I am even less excited. Guess it can wait awhile.

iMike said...

Great write up. I've yet to see it but I too heard only great things about this, and same here, everyone was saying; "Dude, its the best vampire flick ever!".

Now I'll take my time to get to a copy of it. I'll get to it after my fiancee tortures me with the Twilight DVD coming up in a couple weeks. lol

Johnny said...

One of our rare disagreements on a movie! I totally think LTROI is the best vamp film ever made and the best horror film to come out last year. Wish you agreed with me but I guess we have to disagree every so often!

the jaded viewer said...

That scene where Oskar invites Eli in and she starts almost spontaneous combusting is FRAKIN AWESOME.

It's unique, and hey at least its not a remake.

thebonebreaker said...

Wings & iMike,

Be sure to let me know your thoughts, after you have watched the film!


Midnight Meat Train [my favorite horror film from last year] was SO MUCH BETTER than Let the Right One In! ;-)


I will agree with you - that was one of my favorite scenes [as was the cats scene] :-)

If any of you have not yet checked out Thicker than Water, definitely do so, and then get back to me!


thebonebreaker said...

For those interested, Thicker than Water - The Vampire Diaries: Part 1 - is still being shown on-line, for free, at this link:

Go watch that and tell me that it isn't better than Let the Right One In. . . ;-)


Bo said...

I think this movie makes its hay, unlike most action-oriented vampire films, by using vampirism as only an element of idolation, choosing instead to explore a very doomed relationship that begins so sweetly and ends with such horrific implications. I have to stand by my belief this was far and away the best horror film of last year and the best vampire film in the past two decades...

thebonebreaker said...


While I have you here - I am still unable to leave you comments on your posts :(
[I do still read them though, as I enjoy them]

As for Let the Right One In - you are a perfect example of why my expectations were so high - Still, I just don't see it. . .


Bo said...

Yeah, having troubles everywhere but the Forum... we're going through a major redesign which will hopefully roll out in a couple of months to address those and some RSS prblems.

Chris said...

I watched and reviewed this one last night, after having read the book. The movie definitely doesn't capture everything from the book, but I believe it was a masterpiece. I'm sorry to hear that your expectations were falsely set prior to seeing it.

What I loved most about the film was the mood it captured.

My advice: Grab the book and give it a read.

Looking forward to following your blog now that I've discovered it (thanks to Bo @ thelastblogontheleft.com)

thebonebreaker said...

Thanks for the comment Chris!

I definitely do plan on reading the book - hopefully my expectations will be met there ;-)

I am off to check out your review of the movie. . .


I'll be there when your issues are resloved :-)


iMike said...

I'm with you on this one.... I'm on the fence about it as I didn't get it either. I'll watch it again though, I feel like I missed the whole story even though I did watch it.

thebonebreaker said...

I hear you Mike!

I plan on reading the novel and then perhaps re-watching the film, though I am not expecting any sort of revelation.


Film-Book dot Com said...

I love this film breaker.


I'm running a contest for the film right now:


I have seen both Near Dark or The Lost Boys and they , to me, are not as good as this film. They are cool, innovative in a few ways, but the ending to Let destroys them both.

The Midnight Meat Train was very good but its third act kills a lot of the momentum it had built with that twist.


Thx for the link. I am going to watch Thicker than Water and let you know.

@Bo. Right on.

I need to read the book as well.

thebonebreaker said...


Thanks for the comment - I will be sure to check out your reviews. . .

Also, I will be looking forward to reading your thoughts on Thicker than Water! :-)


Film-Book dot Com said...

no prob bb.

I will let you know.

thebonebreaker said...

Cool :-)

iMike said...

Well I ordered the novel, now I'm just waiting for it come in. Hopefully it;ll be in today or Monday. Maybe then I can see what the fuss is about.

thebonebreaker said...



You will have to let me know, as I am almost finished with the book that I am reading now [a review copy] just in time for Bestial [the sequel to Ravenous, by Ray Garton] which is coming out on April 1st - and I still have yet to read Brian Keene's Castaways. . .

After these books, I then plan on reading Let the Right One In [though I will wait to hear back from you 1st - plenty of time] ;-)


iMike said...

Finished the book. Wow. What a difference! The book is amazing!! I suppose its arguable that it is the best vampire story.

thebonebreaker said...


Good to know!!

Thank you for dropping back by and letting me know - I will definitely check the book out now!