Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cold Hard Cash

Genre - Crime Drama/Thriller - Short Film
Year Released - 2007
Running Time - 19 minutes
Directed by Mike Pecci
Written by David Lynch
Cast Includes: Suicide Girls ~ Odette, Eliska, Bailey, and Poppy
Also ~ John Hart, Tron Howitzer, and Ralph Pratt

Rating: 5 Skulls

Plot Summary:
Inspired by the action and suspense films of the 1970's, Cold Hard Cash brings the genre back with the help of the wildly beautiful, sexy, tattooed Suicide Girls.

It's a Grindhouse film the way it's supposed to be - full of sex, violence, and attitude!

One is a thief and the other is a killer. But they both have one thing in common; they owe a lot of money to the one man you don't want to owe money to.

I first read about this film over at where Greg wrote an excellent review of the film, and I decided that I just had to check it out for myself, and I am very glad that I did!

The film opens with two hitmen [well, one man and one woman] barging into an apartment, and they just so happen to interrupt a girl/girl bondage session, already in progress.

Turns out these two lovely ladies both owe a lot of money to a man by the name of Duvelle [think Ving Rhames/Marsellus from Pulp Fiction] and Duvelle wants his money. He informs the two women [in a cool twist, they are told separately] of a bookie [played by John Hart] who will be carrying a briefcase filled with $175,000.00 cash.

So, the girls team up and go after the cash together [in one of the coolest scenes of the film]

After obtaining the cash, the girls decide to celebrate. . . in a very intimate way.
After the girls are done "celebrating" they realize that the briefcase is short of money - suddenly, the girls turn against one another, in an attempt to keep the money for themselves [to hand in to Duvelle] This leads to quite a brutal outcome. . .

Here's a trailer for the film [Note: This trailer contains Adult Subject Matter]

This film was a great thrill ride! An action-packed 20 minutes, no doubt!
If you love Pulp Fiction, then you will love Cold Hard Cash!

You can purchase the DVD at the film's website:

About the DVD - it contains the original, full [unedited] cut of the film, as well as the film festival "excerpt" version [this version is only 10 minutes in length and totally bypasses the original version's beginning - it starts off with the two girls stealing the briefcase and doesn't contain the original's ending]

Also included on the DVD are multiple commentaries, one of which is a "Mommentary" where the director watches the film with his mother! [this is a very entertaining commentary, which runs over the film's time - 31 minutes! It starts off with Pecci's mom ribbing him about not having any popcorn or candy, and ends up with her talking about attending a sex toy party! She is very funny - her favorite part of the film was a head shot!]

Another commentary includes Pecci with his assistant director - Pat McMahill [where he discusses Eliska's breasts were like having a 3rd girl in the room!] and the 3rd commentary was actor Tron Howitzer and writer Mr. Lynch.

There is also a funny extra titled "The Ballad of Tron Howitzer" which is basically his audition. . .

Now, as for the Suicide Girls, I had only heard of them before [apparently when they 1st came together, they did photo shoots with shotguns in their mouths, but now they are much more]
I can definitely see their appeal ;-)
[for any Battlestar Galactica fans out there, Odette was like Starbuck on crack! She also has some killer gun tats on the inside of her biceps]

The director, Mike Pecci, is known for being a Suicide Girl photographer - it was brilliant of him to use them in this film, and I hope to one day see him do a full-length feature! He used the perfect camera shots/angles, tension, gags [there was a hilarious scene where Eliska pulls a piece of brain out of her cleavage!] and music [which was generally contradictory as to what was happening on the screen]

I also have to mention Pecci's F/X guy, Rob Fitz - this guy was great with the blood and effects [apparently he has made his own film, titled God of Vampires - I am definitely going to have to track that one down!]

Well, I feel like I'm rambling - this was just such a great little film! :-)

Thank you Mike!!



Donte said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


thebonebreaker said...

Thank you very much Joannah!
I hope that you continue to enjoy :-)

Film-Book dot Com said...

I may have to see this. One chick is hot, the other has big...tattoos.

thebonebreaker said...


Exactly! ;-)