Sunday, July 28, 2019

Hateful Things [Children of D'Hara: "Episode" 2]

This is the sequel to The Scribbly Man. The 2nd book in the Children of D'Hara Novella series, told in an episodic format. The continuation of Goodkind's Sword of Truth saga.

Hateful Things is slightly longer than The Scribbly Man, clocking in at 210 pages. I know that I said it last time, but I must reiterate how nice these small hardcovers are, published by Head of Zeus. Superb quality.

With the size of these Novellas, I can't really review too much without giving anything away. All you need to know for this one is that Kahlan is pregnant and Richard does not yet know it, as he has been busy attempting to find a way to thwart the new creatures threatening their world. (These creatures have the ability to suddenly appear, tearing apart and slaughtering people, and then departing back to where they came from.) Goodkind continues to ratchet up the tension with this one!

5/5 Skulls

I am not sure what happened, as this book's release was originally scheduled for August 8th. (I am in no way complaining that it was released earlier than originally planned.) I have Episode 3 [Wasteland] scheduled for release on November 14th. So it may be sooner than then, or not. I will be waiting with great anticipation!

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