Monday, January 7, 2019

The Ridealong

Is the first book that I chose to read this year the rip-roaring read that I was hoping for?

Unfortunately not. However, it is still worth mentioning as you may enjoy it more than I did . (Based on the reviews, I am in the minority on this one.)

I found the story interesting, yet it never seemed to reach it's full potential. I will say that it is worth reading for the ending alone though.

3/5 Skulls

Here is the book's synopsis in case you are interested:

It was supposed to be just one more ridealong, a night when high schooler Melissa Latham accompanies her father on his patrol. But when a serial killer targets them for a dark, disturbing game, the night turns into a high-speed chase where there is no prize for second place.

They have to find a killer before he murders the next one of their friends.

They have to find a killer before they are caught and charged for the murder of the men he's already killed.

They have to find a killer... before he finds them.

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