Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Outsider & The President is Missing [Book Reviews]

I read two books while on vacation up in the mountains. Here are my brief reviews:

The Outsider by Stephen King:
It never fails to amaze me that King can still come up with such amazing stories after fifty+ novels! This one is a completely engrossing/engaging mystery with supernatural elements. It is perfectly paced! The greatest praise that I can give this novel is that after I finished reading it, my mother read it afterwards. This speaks volumes! My mother abhors horror - the only other Stephen King novel that my mother has ever read is Cujo (more due to the realism of the story). She never would have read this one, except for the fact that I explained it is 85% a "police procedural" story. So, she gave it a try and was hooked from the get-go! (there were a few times that she wanted to stop reading, but just couldn't - that is how good this story is!) One more thing - later within the story, King alludes to his "Bill Hodges Trilogy". I own them but have not yet read them. I am going to remedy that, quickly.

The President is Missing by Bill Clinton & James Patterson:
I always find it difficult to get into a new book after having finished such a great one. Such was the case after reading The Outsider. I took a couple of other books with me on vacation, but just couldn't get into them. On Tuesday morning, we had to make a run to the grocery store. While there, I picked this book up and was not disappointed! It is a fast-paced read that is smartly written. I would  have liked to have had an inside look at the writing process of this novel. Whose characters were whose? Who came up with what? Still, it was a perfect story to read while on vacation.

Now, what to read next?

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