Thursday, May 10, 2018

Trouble's Child & The Girl in the Moon [Book Reviews]

Terry Goodkind returns to the Thriller genre with a vengeance! If you have already read NEST then you know what to expect with these two stories, though if you thought NEST was intense, The Girl in the Moon increases it ten-fold!! (If you have not yet read Nest, it is not necessary to read first, though I do suggest doing so.)

Trouble's Child is a short novella [64 pgs] that is the perfect introduction to the character Angela Constantine. It is not necessary to read before reading [the full-length novel] The Girl in the Moon though it might be a good idea to try it first - if you like it, then you should have no issues with The Girl in the Moon.

The Girl in the Moon could very well be the best thriller/suspense novel of the decade! It has a real, scary premise, and it keeps you on the edge-of-your-seat!  It is darker than any of Goodkind's prior novels, so be prepared. Angela Constantine is a sick/twisted/demented heroine (until you understand her past). There are certain (gruesome) parts that are hard to read, but if you can push through the graphicness, you will be rewarded.

This book contains several intense, riveting, nail-biting, suspenful sequences. It took all of my will power, in certain parts, to not turn the pages and scan ahead. This book reads like a movie! (When you get to the Border Crossing, you will desire to see it on a big screen, rather than just in your head.) If you have read Goodkind's epic fantasy The Sword of Truth series, you will recall Richard's "Dance of Death" with his sword. Angela achieves the same feat, except with guns (think of the "Gun Kata" sequences from the film Equilibrium).

If you plan on reading only one novel this year, I would make it this one!

5/5 Skulls (for both stories)

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