Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Planet of the Dead [Book Review]

Here is my review of Planet of the Dead:

Genre - Apocalyptic Horror/Zombie
Year Published - 2017
Length - 178 (digital) pages
Written by +Thomas S Flowers

Rating: 4 Skulls

Plot Summary:
News reports speak of mass panic and violence spreading across the globe. Negligent leaders hide behind misinformation. But in an age of paranoia and suspicion, who can say what is true anymore? Struggling to survive against a sweeping epidemic that has engulfed the planet, survivors will have to make hard choices in a world that no longer makes sense. 

Live. Die. Or become one of the undead. 

In a time where our culture is saturated with zombies, Flowers manages to keep this book fresh, with superb character development, unique concepts (for example, there is a chapter written completely from a dog's perspective, and I am looking forward to finding out more about those on a space station - something I never thought about before), and surprising deaths.

From the very first chapter, this book accelerates like a bullet fired from a gun! The story is very "Romero-esque" which is a good thing, especially since the book is dedicated in his memory. I definitely like the fact that Flowers chose to keep his characters in the dark - not knowing what, exactly, is happening (for instance, one of the characters calling the zombies "*nasties*").

Needless to say, I am definitely anticipating the sequel's release [War for the Planet of the Dead], next year.

Also, just in case you are wondering why the 4-Skull rating - I had to deduct a star as surprisingly (for a Flowers' release) there were quite a few spelling errors - enough so that they sometimes took me out of the story. Other than that, a top-notch tale!


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