Thursday, April 14, 2016

Double-Feature Short Stories: 'The Rest Area' & 'Spiders in from the Garden'

Today we have a double-feature from author Jason R. Davis​ who I just recently came across on Google+.

Davis has put two of his short stories up for Free, on Amazon, and they are both worth your time.

I first read 'The Rest Area' which is about a trucker, named Randy, who pulls into a seemingly innocent yet small Rest Stop. Due to the fact that he really "has to go", he ignores the signs (eerily quiet, strange graffiti on the building, etc) that something just may be amiss. . .
Aside from the very end (epilogue), which I felt took me out of the reality of the story, I enjoyed this one.

Next - 'Spiders in from the Garden' - now, this one states "an Invisible Spiders Short Story".
'The Rest Area' was my first introduction to Davis, so I have not read any of his other books. This did not stop me however, as I figured this would be a stand-alone story (which it is).
I do not want to tell you anything about this story, so as not to give anything away. I will say that
I really dug this one, and I will be purchasing 'Hatched' the first book in Davis' 'Invisible Spider' series.

Both of the above stories are quick reads (under 15 minutes) and are, for me, a nice introduction into Davis' work.


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