Monday, December 7, 2015

Halloween Returns: A Fan Fiction Anthology

'Halloween Returns: A Fan Fiction Anthology' is a free compilation of fan fiction based off of the 'Halloween' films. . .

It is a collection of 19 stories, most of which are decent, with a couple being above average, and a few not even worth the bother.

Aside from the expected grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors, this anthology is worth it, if you are a die-hard Michael Myers fan.

This anthology is not for sale - you can download it for free at

If you do decide to give this anthology a shot, here is a brief breakdown of what I did and did not enjoy.

As I stated before, most of the stories are worthwhile, these are the exceptions:

The story "The Haddonfield Companion" by Michael Ayoob has a good twist that I enjoyed.

The story "Inspiration" I would skip entirely!

The story, simply titled, "Halloween" by Nathan Cabaniss is super-short, but great!

The story "One Night in Haddonfield" by Neil Hudson ended far too soon - it had great potential!

There are two stories, both titled "Halloween Returns" by two separate authors - both are skippable - the first one was blah, and the second one didn't make any sense.

The story "Halloween: Return to Haddonfield" by Mark Allen Gunnells is another great one!

All of the remaining tales, not mentioned, are run-of-the-mill stories - entertaining enough.


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