Friday, January 2, 2015

Sons of Anarchy: Bratva

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What do we do now that 'Sons of Anarchy' has ended its seven-season run?

I recommend reading 'Sons of Anarchy: Bratva'!

I couldn't have started the year off better than choosing to read this book (a Christmas gift from my wife).

The book takes place after the 4th season of the show...

Jax learns that Trinity (his Irish half-sister; discovered in season 3 - my personal favorite of the seasons) is in the U. S. and has gotten herself mixed up with some Russian Bratva gangsters.

Jax, along with Opie (yea!) and Chibs, head to Nevada where they team up with some members of SAMNOV to search for his sister.

This book is a quick, fantastic read that plays out, in your head, just like an episode of the show!

The author, Christopher Golden, nailed the characters and added some new, endearing ones into the mix as well.

Here's to hoping that he continues to write some more original SOA novels!
I will be the first in line...

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