Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014: Year in Review

Aside from authors that I generally read, on a regular basis, (of which there were only two this year) I decided, this year, to read books by authors that I was unfamiliar with.
This made for some rather bland reading, sometimes, however I did discover some new authors whose works I will continue to read, such as John Connolly [The Book of Lost Things], Greg Iles [Mortal Fear], and Christopher Reich [Rules of Deception].

Joel C. Rosenberg is the author who I am most glad that I discovered this year. His "Twelfth Imam" trilogy is outstanding!
[The Twelfth Imam/The Tehran Initiative/The Damascus Countdown]

I also was happy to come across a pair of local [East Tennessee] authors, Gary Yeagle & Marlene Mitchell who co-wrote the 'Seasons of Death' trilogy [The Smoky Mountain Murders] (of which I bought all three, yet have only read the 1st one, at this time)

All of the above, is well and good, however they are all pre-2014.
What about this year's releases?

Top Two Books of 2014:
Severed Souls by Terry Goodkind
The Specimen by Pete Kahle

Eaton Falls by Franklin E. Wales
Stand Your Ground by William W. & J. A. Johnstone

Which novel comes out on top?!?

As heart-wrenching a read as 'Severed Souls' was, I have to go with Pete Kahle's extremely entertaining debut novel 'The Specimen' as Best Book of the Year.

TopTen Movies of 2014:
This year seemed somewhat kind-of "blah" movie-wise - saying that, here are the ten that I most enjoyed.
(in alphabetical order)

1. Blended (I am as surprised as you are!)
2. Captain America 2: Winter Soldier
3. Edge of Tomorrow
4. Guardians of the Galaxy
5. I, Frankenstein (I have heard nothing  but awful things regarding this one, however I enjoyed it!)
6. Odd Thomas
7. The Raid 2: Berendal
8. Ride Along (another surprise!)
9. Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For
10. 300: Rise of an Empire

Notable Mentions:

Big Ass Spider (loved this one!)
47 Ronin
The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug (my favorite of The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings films!)

Best Film of 2014?!?
This is a toss-up between Captain America 2 and Edge of Tomorrow, with the latter having a slighter lead.

Best New 2014 TV Show:
Stalker (I have been digging this one!)

Remember that I have cut the cable-cord, so if it's on cable, and I am interested, I just wait until it hits DVD.

Some "newly-discovered" shows that I have thoroughly enjoyed watching, this year, on DVD are:

Army Wives (begins to get a bit sluggish in season 6, though still a good show)
Bones (love this show - great cast of characters!)
Dollhouse (the 2nd/final season is just okay)
From Dusk Till Dawn
The Unit (gets progressively better as the series continues. I actually started watching Army Wives because I wanted something similar to The Unit)

*If you have any other recommendations, let me know!!

Well, I think that about sums up the year in entertainment.
I will leave you with...

My Most-Played Apps of the Year:
Marvel's 'Contest of Champions'
Spiderman Unlimited
Subway Surfer

May you all have a Blessed 2015!



teddy crescendo said...

Happy New Year Jason, have a great 2015 my old mate. By the way, wish your wife a happy birthday from me.

Pete Kahle said...

Thanks again for the accolades for The Specimen, Jason.

My next book should be out in 5-6 months. It's a stand-alone novel titled Blood Mother. After that I'll work on the 2nd book in the Specimen Saga - The Abomination.

I'll try my damnedest to write faster. Have a great 2015!!