Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Eaglebreaker: The Tale of Eaglefriend - Book 2

Eaglebreaker is the sequel to A Facet for the Gem. As with any sequel, I recommend reading the previous book first.

Even though it's been almost four years since the first book was released, Eaglebreaker is well worth the wait! Murray expands his excellent world-building skills, in a big way, in this one. 

When Roftome is captured by the Pyrnaq, Morlen sets out on a quest to save his friend, but along the way he almost loses himself, as his guide (and only companion) is Hironthel - a Shrieker - a sworn enemy of Morlen's. (Murray's writing is so good, portraying such harsh emotions, that you can actually sense Morlen changing, becoming more hardened, as his quest continues.)

I love the dynamic that Murray has given these two adversaries. There is a lot going on in this novel, (I haven't even mentioned King Verald, Lady Valeine, Sydrenna, or the Ferotaur King!) but with all of the action and battles aside (and there is plenty of that!), the relationship (if that's what you can call it) between these two opposing characters - for me - is the heart of this story (very Tolkien-like, in my opinion).

Murray is definitely growing as a writer, and I am looking forward to Book 3!

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